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1-Intex Mariner 4 4-person boat 

3-Any Sea Eagle Boat at big discount 
299-Saturn 13 ft. Pro Angler (or Ocean Fishing) with Sail Kit and Bench Seats 
300-Saturn 12' Inflatable Kayak With Sail Rig 
301-Deluxify Your Sail Kit or Sailboat Order 
302-13' Saturn Kayak with Sail Kit 
303-Sea Eagle Fast Track 385FT Inflatable Kayak With Sail Rig latest model 
304-Sea Eagle Fast Track 385 FT Pro Package and Sail kit - latest model 
305-Sea Eagle Fast Track 465FT Sailing Kayak - latest model 
306-Sea Eagle 465FT with Sail Kit - Pro Package latest model 
310-Sea Eagle 300X Explorer 1-Person Sailing Kayak 
311-Sea Eagle 300X Explorer Sailing Pro Package 
320-Sea Eagle RazorLite Kayak with Sail Kit  
999-Canoe sail kit w/ Hydrodynamic Stabilizer Floats and Free Shipping 
1000-Canoe sail rig with ethafoam stabilizer floats & FREE SHIPPING 
1001-Canoe Sail Rig w/out Stabilizer Floats & FREE SHIPPING 
1002-Stabilizer Floats (foam) and arms for Our Sail Rig or Rowing Rig 
1003-Conversion Kit - Canoe Sail Rig to Inflatable Sail Rig 
1004-Canoe Sail Kit w/ 55 SF Sail and Hydrodynamic Floats 
1005-Intex Mariner 4 with Our Sail Rig - Complete Inflatable Sailboat 
1006-Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizer Floats & Arms only (slide into crossbar of a sail or rowing kit) 
1007-High Seat - Special add-on canoe seat 
1008-Deluxe canoe sail rig package - Save over $100 
1012-Inflatable stabilizer floats and arms - green. 
1013-Inflatable stabilizer floats and arms -gray 
1014-Upgrade stabilizer floats from foam to inflatable 
1015-Windpaddle Adventure downwind sail - like a kite 
1016-Windpaddle Scout - Medium Duty Version of Adventure 
1017-Canoe Sail Rig For Stabilizer Owners - Free Shipping 
1018-Canoe Side Rudder - complete with mount 
1019-Canoe side rudder - substitute for steering oar 
1020-Side Rudder to be used with steering oar crossbar 
1021-16' folding Pakboats Pakcanoe 160 with deluxe sail kit and stabilizers  
1022-Pair of hydrodynamic stabilizer floats 
1023-16.5' folding Pakboats Pakcanoe 165 with deluxe sail kit and stabilizers 
1024-Pakboats rowing rig  
1025-Center seat for Pakcanoes 
1026-WindPaddle Cruiser - Larger Downwind Sail 
1027-NuCanoe Sail kit with inflatable stabilizers 
1028-Sail kit for NuCanoe with Hydrodynamic Stabilizers 
1029-NuCanoe Sail Kit with No Stabilizer Pontoons 
1030-Stabilizer pontoons for NuCanoe - Hydrodynamic 
1031-NuCanoe stabilizer pontoons - Ethafoam 
1032-NuCanoe Stabilizer Pontoons - Inflatable 
1033-Pakpod - Deck Bag, Paddle Float and Waterproof Backpack. Could Save Your Life. 
1034-single hydrodynamic replacement float - specify color in comment space 
1035-Sunshade Bimini Canopy by Windpaddle - Free shipping! 
1040-Canoe Sail Kit Minus Mast, Spars and Sail 
1041-Canoe Sail kit Minus Sail, Spars, Mast and Floats 
1080-Hydro-Force Marine Pro inflatable dinghy with sail kit (voyager 1000) 

1070 Solstice Quest sail kit with rudder


1072 Deluxe Solstice Quest sail kit with rudder


1082-Deluxe Hydroforce Marine Pro package 

1088-Bestway Motor mount for Hydro-Force Marine Pro and Intex 
1090-Duffel Bag for Mariner Floor or Canoe Cart 
1091-Deluxe Mariner 4 Sailboat 
1092-Canoe sail rig if you already have our stabilizer 
1093-Deluxe Mariner 3 ( Seahawk II ) Sailboat Package 
1998-Shipping sail kit with floats to Taiwan, Australia, Russia 
1999-Shipping sail rig with floats to W. Europe, UK, Ireland, Japan 
2001-Sail Rig for Your Inflatable Dinghy ( Sevylor, Intex, Fishman and others) 
2002-Conversion Kit - Inflatable Sail Rig to Canoe Sail Rig (No Floats) 
2003-Challenger 3 boat plus our sail rig - lightest, most affordable inflatable sailboat 
2004-Complete Inflatable Sailboat (10 foot Sevylor 5 person plus our sail rig) 
2009-Sail Rig for Zodiac-type inflatable tenders 
2010-11' Saturn or Baltik Inflatable hard-transom boat. and sail kit 
2011-Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout With Sail Kit 
2012-Sliding leeboard mount converters (Pair) 

2013-Leeboard shaft extensions (pair) for boats with more than 16-inch tube diameter 


 2014 - steering balance tuner

2015-Electric Air Pump - Power Inflator 12V DC works off car cigarette lighter 
2016-AC Electric Air Pump Inflator (Coleman) 
2017-Tiller Turner lets you sail sitting centered in the boat with center rudder 
2018-Tiller Turner retro fit kit 
2019-Runabout - Complete inflatable sailboat based on Sevylor SVX330 
2020-Sevylor SVX200DS or U247 & our sail rig - out of stock 
2021-Special Kayak Sail Rig - Open sides -- for RazorLite and many others 
2022-Intex Mariner 3 (was Seahawk II) with our Sail Rig - 10', higher pressure 
2023-SVX500 adaptor 
2024-SVX500DS 17-ft. Inflatable Sailing Kayak OUT OF STOCK 
2025-Pathfinder II 13' kayak, sail rig, with stabilizers (aka Viamare XXL) 
2026-Sail Kit for Pathfinder II kayak (Via Mare XXL) including stabilizer floats 
2029-Electric Inflation Pump With Battery and Gauge and charger 
2030-Sail kit for Sea Eagle Fold Cat 375fc 
2031-Sea Eagle Fold Cat 375fc and Sail Kit 
2037-Advanced Elements Straight Edge II Kayak with our sail kit 
2038-Sail kit only for Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 
2039-Sail kit for Sevylor Sport Fisher SVX2020DS 
2040-Sevylor Sport Fisher with Sail Kit out of stock 
2041-Navigator II 500 with Sail Kit (now Fishman II 500) 
2042-Sail kit for . Hydro Force Marine Pro, Seahawk 4, Challenger 3, Navigators 
2043-Center rudder for inflatable dinghy sail rigs, substitute for side steering oar 
2044-Center rudder system for inflatable dinghies 
2045-Cheyenne (Navigator) III 400 with sail kit - complete inflatable sailboat 
2046-Motor mount for Navigator, Jilong Cheyenne, Atol boats 
2047-Deluxify Any Inflatable Sailboat or Sail Kit  
2048-Trinity II by Aire 15' Sailing Kayak - Best Quality 
2049-Aire Tomcat Tandem with Sail Kit 
2050-Buccaneer Inflatable Sailboat SOLD OUT 
2051-Sail Rig for Buccaneer I 300 from Red Star 
2052-Navigator II 400 with Sail Kit to Europe, US or Canada 
2053-Sail Kit for Aqua Max Aqua Bug Inflatable Boats 
2054-Kayakers accessory package - paddles, pump, bag 
2056-Navigator III 400 boat 
2057-Front Crossbar Extension 
2058-11' Saturn minicat with sail  
2059-12-ft. Minicat with sail kit 

2060-9.5-ft Saturn Minicat with sail kit

2061-Sail Kit for Saturn Minicat

2062-Dinghy sail kit for Snark owners 
2063-Mariner 3 with Sail Kit for Snark Owners 
2064-Viamare Kayak for Snark Owners 
2065-Viamare 400 (aka Pathfinder) kayak only no sail kit 
2070-Aquaglide Multisport 270 - Inflatable Windsurfer and sailboat 
2071-Kayak kit for Aquaglide Multisport 
2999-Almost Universal Sail Rig - Fits rigid canoes/ kayaks; inflatable dinghies/canoes/kayaks 
3001-9' Sevylor k85 Caravelle Boat 
3002-10' Sevylor K105 5-person Caravelle Boat 
3006-Sevylor K79 Tahiti inflatable kayak (yellow) 
3007-skeg for k79 tahiti inflatable kayak 
3008-Aluminum Kayak Paddle - 2 Piece - Carlisle Day Tripper  
3009-Sea Eagle Foot Pump A50 - higher pressure 
3010-Sea Eagle Foot pump A41 
3011-Pump - large bellows foot pump for Intex & Sevylor 
3012-Sea Eagle High Pressure Hand Pump 
3013-Sea Eagle Electric Pump 12 volt 
3015-Motor mount for Intex inflatables  
3016-Intex Seahawk Sport 400 .NOT AVAILABLE.. 10- foot, higher pressure boat 
3017-Rudder Mount for Inflatable Rafts 
3018-The Sail-Yak -- Unique 13' Inflatable Sailboat -Discontinued 
3021-Book On Learning To Sail -- Jim's Favorite 
3022-Clamps to sail inflatable with motor mount 
3023-Lightweight, high quality Cannon kayak paddle  
3024-Old style Intex Motor Mount -- for Seahawk Sport 400 etc. 
3025-Sail Kit for Pakboats 
3026-Deluxe Sail Kit for Pakboats 
3027-Pakboat Puffin Saranac folding kayak with deluxe sail kit 
3028-Intex Mariner 3 (Seahawk II) inflatable boat set 
3029-Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Inflatable Sit-on-top Kayak 
3030-Pair of Aluminum Oars - Flat blade, with oarpins  
3031-Stabilizer Carry Bag  
3033-Pair 8' oars  
3036-Saturn 13' Red Expedition Kayak RK396 
3037-Walden Vista Touring Kayak 12.5' and only 38 lbs. 
4001-Inflatable boat sail rig PLANS & how to sail instructions 
4002-Canoe sail rig plans & how to sail instructions 
4003-Canoe sail rig plans, how to sail, & instructional video 
4004-Free inflatable sailboat plans because I am buying a sail or spars today. 
4005-Canoe sail rig plans and how-to-build video free because I am buying sail or spars today. 
4006-Inflatable boat sail rig plans by email 

4007-Canoe sail kit plans by email 

4010 - U-bolts

4800-steering oar unit with steering oar for inflatable dinghy 
4801-Camera Mount -- Video Yourself Sailing 
4804-pair of standard leeboard blades (replacement part) 
4984-45 SF sail, spars, slide, ropes 
4986-Giant 66 SF sail with mast, spars and mast slide 
4989-Sunflower Sail, spars, ropes, mast slide 
4990-Giant 66 SF Sail 
4991-Giant 66 SF Sail and Spars and Mast Slide 
4950-Dacron Sunflower Sail Yellow & White, 55SF
4992-66 SF Sail and Spars (no mast slide) 
4993-Snark Sea Skimmer Sails - Same as Sea Devil - Free shipping! 
4994-Sea Skimmer Main Sail - Same as Sea Devil 
4995-Snark Sea Skimmer Jib - same as Sea Devil 
4996-Side saddle Canoe Motor Mount 
4997-Snark sail in Teal/Yellow/White 
4998-Substitute Snark Sail into a sail kit or sailboat order 
4999-Snark sail - 45 SF Nylon red/blue/yellow- also fits our rigs 
5000-Mast, spars & nylon sail - fits our rigs, Spring Creek, Sea Eagle 
5001-Sail - 45 SF nylon multicolor "Rainbow Stripes" for Snark and our rigs. By Priority Mail. Sail D.  
5002-Sail 45 sq ft dacron 
5003-Spar set - boom, top spar, mast slide, ropes for our rigs, Sea Eagle, etc. 
5004-Mast - aluminum, 2 part 
5005-EF Canoe stabilizer system: Foam floats arms crossbar clamps = stability! Please email us after ordering to specify canoe width & brand. 
5006-Canoe wheels, 16-in. - slip-on to sail rig, rowing rig or stabilizer system 
5007-Upgrade to Reefing Batwing Sail, Mast, Etc. (substitution) 
5008-Reefing Balogh Batwing Sail, Mast, Boom, Mast step  
5009-motor mount for Sevylor 9 - 12' Caravelle & Super Caravelles 
5010-Snark Sea Skimmer Sails - Also fit Sea Devil 
5011-Bigger Sail Substitution Package -- 55 square foot nylon sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension. 
5012-55 square foot sail and spar extension, plus mast upgrade 
5013-Too Fat Masts At Half Price - free plans too! 
5014-Carry bag for boats 
5015-Waterproof case for cell phone, GPS, small camera 
5016-Heavy duty mast upgrade substitution 
5017-Upgrade Sail to custom Dacron 45 SF -- allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery 
5018-Snark Mast - for Sea Snark or Super Snark - only $15 shipping! 
5019-Snark Sunflower Mast 
5020-Canoe leeboards that snap-in mount to stabilizer crossbar, pair 
5021-Float rod extensions for stabilizer (outrigger) floats 
5022-Swiveling Mast Slide or gooseneck 
5023-Spar Set for Super Snark/Sea Snark - low shipping cost! 
5024-Spars, Mast and Sail for Super Snark & Sea Snark 
5025-55 SF Sail, nylon, yellow and white C55 
5026-Canoe Stabilizer with Hydro-Dynamic Floats - Please state canoe width & brand in comment space at checkout. 
5027-Kayak stabilizer with Hydro-Dynamic Floats 
5028-Upgrade Stabilizer Floats to Hydro-Dynamic 
5029-Single snap-in leeboard 
5030-Rowing Outriggers for Canoe (pair) 
5031-Steering Oar & Oarpin 
5032-Drop-in Canoe Seat with low CG, foam seat pad 
5033-Spoon oars with oarpins 
5034-Canoe crossbar and gunwale clamps  
5035-Complete Rowing Package without stabilizer floats with flat blade oars and drop-in seat. 
5036-Steering Oar Setup for Zodiac-type Boats 
5037-Motor Rudder short rudder head and u-bolt 
5038-55 Sq. Ft. Nylon Sail and Spar Extension 
5039-Heavy duty mast 
5040-Sunflower Replacement Sail (small) - Yellow & white C45 
5041-Canoe gunwale clamps - 1 pair - specify small or large in comments 
5042-55 SF Sail Rig for Nauticraft Escapade 
5043-45 SF Sail, Mast and Spars for Nauticraft Escapade 
5044-Spars for 55 Sq. Ft. Sail including Sunflower 
5045-Ethafoam 4-float canoe stabilizer - Email and specify crossbar length needed. 
5046-4-float Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer - Email & specify length of crossbar . 
5047-4-Float Ethafoam Canoe Stabilizer with Link Arms Adaptor - Email and specify crossbar length desired. 
5048-4-Float Hydrodynamic canoe stabilizer with Link Arms adaptor - Email and specify crossbar length desired. 
5049-4-float stabilizer mixed HD & EF - Email and specify crossbar length. 
5050-Mixed 4-float stabilizer with Link Arms adaptor - Email and specifiy crossbar length. 
5051-Link Arms adaptor and extension float arm 
5052-Motor mount for Canoe - Hinged 
5053-Motor mount for Canoe - Super Strong for up to 3 HP 
5054-extension for #5052 and #5053 canoe motor mounts 
5055-Snap-in Motor Mount 
5056-Leeboards and moveable mounting for canoe 
5057-Electric Motor Package 
5058-Additional battery units for motor package 
5059-Folding Canoe and Kayak Cart, 12-in. wheels 
5060-Upgrade Sail to 55 SF Custom Dacron, Mast to Heavy Duty, add spar extension 
5061-55 SF Custom Dacron Sail and spar extension 
5062-kayak Kart, Dinghy Dolly, Boat Buggy, Canoe Cart with 16-in. wheels 
5063-Wheels for canoes, kayaks, inflatables - 12-in slip-on 
5064-Canoe Lashing Bars, join two canoes to make a catacanoe 
5065-Aluminum Hitch Rack - Telescoping T support holds rear end of Canoe 
5066-Trailer hitch ball offset - free ship only if ordered with other items 
5067-Yoke Seat for Canoe - In comment box state color - red, blue or brown 
5068-High Seat SR - Seating Surface For Crossbar 
5069-Aluminum Receiver Insert 
5070-Large rowing mirror on own crossbar with gunwale clamps 
5071-twin large rowing mirrors 
5072-Custom-length upcharge for rowing or stabilizer crossbar 
5073-Oarlock lift blocks 
5074-Rowing Package with Flat Oars and Seat Options 
5075-Rowing Package with Spoon Oars and Seat Options 
5076-Rowing Package with Drop-in Seat and Spoon Oars 
5077-Rowing package with no seat and flat blade oars. Please state crossbar length in comments. 
5078-Sliding Seat for Rowing 
5079-Sockets for rowing outrigger - DIY alternative 
5080-Roof rack carrier bar with suction cup or clamping feet and extending loading bar 
5081-Steel Hitch Rack 
5082-Pick-up Truck Box Rack - One Tuff Truck Rack - Free ship! 
5083-Load Stops for Racks 
5084-2 Suction Cup Feet hardware to make 1 wood carrier bar roof rack 
5085-Rowing Accessory Bundle - mirror & lift blocks 
5086-Economy Rowing Package 
5087-clamp-on oarlock (clamp-on oarpin) 
5088-Ethafoam canoe sponsons - foam flotation - 1 pair 
5089-Basic rowing package for inflatable kayaks 
5090-Clamps for canoe motor mounts or DIY projects - free ship!
5091-kayak Adapter - leg and deck bracket for mounting stabilizer or sail kit 
5092-Leeboard upgrade - convert your purchase to unbreakable blade 
5093-Unbreakable leeboards (pair) 
5094-Standard leeboard and bolt (replacement parts) 
5095-4 Rubber expansion nuts (well nuts) - Makes installation easy on sit-op-tops 
5096-Kayak Adapters - Pair of legs & deck brackets for attaching crossbar to kayak 
5097-Double Tube Crossbar (for stabilizers, rowing units, front assembly of sail kits) 
5098-Bolt-on gunwale J brackets accept gunwale clamp aka false gutters 
5099-55 SF custom Dacron Sail 
5100-Kayak saddle set for carrier bars 
5101-Width extender for folding boat cart - 15 inch or specify 
5102-Tee Handles Make Our Spoon Oars Into Canoe Paddles (pair) 
5103-Bag for stabilizers - Free shipping* if bought with stabilizer 
5104-Deck brackets 
5105-Giant Inflatable Canoe Stabilizers 
5106-Kayak adapters - set of 5 
5107-Modify loading bar to one long one 
5108-Storage racks for canoe - attach to wall, folds flat 
5109-Bailing bucket 
5110-Protective cover for canoe - specify length & width of canoe in comment space 
5111-Kayak hanger 
5112-Set of 10 rubber well nuts 
5113-kayak deck bag - deluxe, waterproof, see-through 
5114-Floor seat for canoe 
5115-Storage Rack Stops - pair 
5116-Pulley Lift Ceiling Storage System 
5117-Comfy Back Rest for Canoe Seat - specify green or black 
5118-Bag and Hydrodynamic canoe stabilizer - use comment space at checkout to specify crossbar length 
5119-Mast step and foot for canoe sail kit 
5120-Canoe mast step, crossbar and clamps 
5121-Canoe sail kit front assembly with large sail 
5122-Minn Kota Endura 30 electric trolling motor 
5123-Single-tube crossbar 
5124-Cane Seat for Canoe - Be Comfortable, Lower CG 
5125-Mighty Might Kayak/Canoe Cart 
5126-Bilge Pump 
5127-Kayak Stands 
5128-Trailer for small boats, Trailex, model SUT 220-S 
5129-Deluxe trailer for canoes. kayaks and small boats 
5130-Parking Jack for trailer 
5131-Bearing Buddies w/Bra - Protect trailer wheel bearings 
5132-Spare Tire carrier for trailer 
5133-Spare tire for 5128 trailer 
5134-Hand winch and winch post for 5128 trailer 
5135-2-kayak adapter for trailer 
5136-Rowing package with spoon oars and no seat - state oar length and crossbar length wanted 
5137-steering oar crossbar for canoe sail kit 
5138-Ash Motor Mount for Trolling Motor on Canoe 
5139-Battery Box Power Center 
5140-Canoe Sponsons with stainless steel hardware 
5141-Our 45 SF sail in blue white yellow (Sail F45)  
5142-45 SF light blue/dark blue sail no logo. By Priority Mail. 
5143-55 SF Sail in Light Blue/Dark Blue with Our Logo. By Priority Mail. 
5144-55 SF Nylon Sail No Logo, Light Blue/Dark Blue 
5145-55 SF Nylon Sail in Yellow/White/Blue (F55), fits Sunflower 
5146-Mast step  
5147-White Dacron Sail - 45 SF size - Fits Snarks and Our Rigs. 
5148-White Dacron Sail - 55 SF fits Sunflower and our rigs 
5149-Upgrade to 55 SF white Dacron sail and heavy duty mast 
5150-Upgrade a Sail in Your Order to White Dacron 
5151-Our 45 SF sail in light blue, yellow, red, dark blue nylon - E2 
5152-Our blue-yellow-red 55 SF nylon sail - E2 
5153-Pair of float arms 
5154-Moveable Leeboard Unit with One Blade 
5155-Substitute special Mad River Adventure type clamp 
5156-Upgrade to Neil Pryde Dacron Sail - Ready Made 
5157-Neil Pryde 45 SF Dacron - ready made  
5158-Neil Pryde Dacron 55 SF Sail - Ready Made  
5159-55 SF Yellow and White Sail Factory Second 
5160-spar extension 
5161-Steering oar crossbar and gunwale clamps for canoe 
5162-5 Tubes of Vinyl Repair Cement 
5163-Telescoping Leeboard Crossbar with 2 Gunwale Clamps 
5164-Aluminum folding cart for deflated boats and folded sail kits 
5165-55 SF Nylon Sail - White with Rainbow Stripes (D55) 
5166-One Hydrodynamic Stabilizer Float 
5167-SUT-350-S Trailex Trailer 18 ft. 6 in. long  
5168-Winch post and winch for SUT-350-S trailer 
5169-Mast, spars, sail, ropes, mast slide in 55 SF size 
5170-White nylon sail, 45 SF 
5171-SUT-200SNC Trailex Trailer for NuCanoe 
5172-White Nylon Sail - 55SF - fits Sunflower 
5173-Lever locks (1 pair) to upgrade your old stabilizer 
5174-Aluminum Shaft 2-piece oar 
5175-Joining Sleeve for Oars Makes Kayak Paddle 
5176-Inflatable stabilizer system for Canoes and Pakboats 
5177-Pirate Sail - 45 SF with Jolly Roger Skull and Crossbones 
5178-Pirate Sail - 55 SF with skull and crossbones 
5179-Trailex SUT-250-S Trailer for Small Boats 
5180-Our 45 SF sail in dk blue yellow red dk blue nylon - E1 
5181-red and white  55 SF nylon Sunflower sail  
5182-Neil Pryde International 45 SF Pastel Corners dacron sail 
5183-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Pastel Corners dacron sail 
5184-Neil Pryde International 45 SF Red/White dacron sail 
5185-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Red/White dacron sail 
5186-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Blue/Gray 
5187-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Yellow/White/Blue  
5188-Drop-in Seat for wider canoes 
5190-Sail and Spars Bag - Long Skinny Sack Great for Car Topping 
5192-Sunflower parts package: Everything but hull & deck 
5193-Upgrade rudder blade to unbreakable 
5194-Sunflower sail, mast, spars, spar extension, mast slide, and ropes 
5195-Sunflower mast, spars, rudder, dagger board, cleat, gudgeon 
5196-Gudgeon for Super Snark, Sea Snark, Sunflower, Sea Skimmer P62010 
5197-rudder L pin for Super Snark, Sea Snark, Sunflower 
5198-Rudder Head for Super Snark, Sunflower and Skimmer 
5200-Kayak and canoe cart with no wheels 
5201-short strap with spring lock buckle 

5202-Long strap with spring buckle;

5203-Bow or Stern Strap System for Safer Car Topping 

5204 - Pair of Top Ties -- Bolt on Strap Loops 

5205-Cover for Boat, Canoe, Kayak from Danuu - The Skipper 
5211-Mast extension for Super Snark, Sunflower or Sea Snark replaces mast cap 
5212-Snark Rig - Everything for a Snark but Hull 
5215-Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount for Canoes 
5216-Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount with Stabilizers for Canoes 
5218-Sit Backer Seat with Backrest 
5220-Rowing Mirror on Sliding Mount Fits Stabilizer Arm 
5221-Large Rowing Mirror on Arm to Fit Crossbar 
5240-Canoe Sail Kit H type front assembly with Leeboards 
5244-Bowsprit for sail kit 
5248-1.5-inch mast step for Balogh Batwing Mast 
5250-Paddleski Stabilizer - hydrodynamic 
5256-Snap-in mounts for leeboards 
5260-55 SF sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension 
5300-Upgrade sail & mast, add stabilizers and bag 

5348-Electric Trolling Motor for Salt Water Use 45-lb Thrust 

5375- 5375 Accessory Seat

5377 -5377 Accessory Seat rowing package with flat-bladed oars


5379 -5379 Accessory Seat rowing package with spoon-blade oars



6001-Any Kayak upwind sail rig with inflatable stabilizers  
6002-kayak upwind sail rig - for large cockpit kayaks 
6003-Kayak Stabilizer with Ethafoam Floats 
6004-The Any Kayak upwind Sail Rig with Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizers 
6005-Bag for sail rigs - big and padded NO LONGER AVAILABLE SEE ITEM 6007 
6006-Braces for foam floats 
6007-Big Bag 
6008-Kayakamaran sail rig 
6009-Additional Shipping to UK, Europe or Japan for a sail rig without stabilizer floats  
6010-Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig 
6011-Super Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig 
6012-Upgrade Deluxe Package to Custom Dacron Sail  
6013-Sail Kit for Sea Eagle PaddleSki 
6014-PaddleSki 435ps Deluxe with sail kit Free Shipping 
6015-Sea Eagle PaddleSki Pro Kayak Sail Package free shipping 
6016-Kaboat with sail rig, 12-foot 
6017-Deluxe Kaboat with Sail Kit, 14-foot 
6018-Kaboat sail kit 
6019-Deluxe Kaboat Sail Rig Package 
6020-The Any Kayak Sail Kit Without Stabilizer Floats 
6021-Sail kit bag with wheels - Big & heavy duty 
6022-Kayak Upwind Sail Kit, with U-shaped front unit, for Fast Track, Saturn, etc. 
6023-Sea Eagle Paddleski Deluxe Package (no sail) 
6024-Sea Eagle Paddleski Pro Kayak Package (no sail) 
6025-Bolt-on upwind kayak rig (stabilizers not included) 
6026-Sail kit for Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks, 300X, 380x, 420x 
6027-Sea Eagle 380X 12.5' kayak with sail kit 
6028-Sea Eagle 420x Pro package and Sail kit 
6030-Strap-on Sail Kit for Wavewalk Kayak with HD Floats 
6031-Bolt-on Sail Kit for Wavewalk Kayak with Stabilizer Floats 
6032-Trolling Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak 
6033-Motor mount for Wavewalk Kayak with 2 floats 
6034-Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System for Wavewalk Kayak 
6035-Ethafoam stabilizer system for Wavewalk Kayak 
6036-Super Strong Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak 
6037-Hinged Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak 
6038-Slip-on Wheels for Wavewalk Kayak - 12-inch. 
6039-The 6025 bolt-on rig, plus hydrodynamic stabilizers 
6040-Rowing Rig for Wavewalk Kayak 
6041-15 - foot Kaboat with sail kit 
6042-16-foot Kaboat with sail kit 
6043-Add Hydrodynamic Stabilizers to a kayak sail kit 
6050-Sea Eagle 420X Pro Carbon with sail kit. 
6051-Sea Eagle 420X with sail kit. 
6052-Paddleski Center Motor Mount 
6053-Paddleski Side Motor Mount 
6070-14-ft Kaboat to Qatar, no sail kit 
6500-high back inflatable seat 
7000-Fishing Boat Sail Rig 
7001-Deluxe Fishing Boat Sail Rig 
7002-Fishing Boat Sail Rig Deluxe Package 2 
7004-Porta-Bote Adapter Package 
7007-Clamp on rudder 
7008-Upgrade to clamp-on rudder 
7100-Gas Trolling Motor, 1.5 HP, 2 Stroke 
7102-Long Shaft 1.5 HP Gas outboard 
7104-2 HP 4-Cycle Gas Outboard 
7106-2 HP 4-Cycle Gas Outboard with Long Shaft 
7108-2 HP 2-Cycle Gas Outboard 
7110-2 HP 2-Cycle Gas Outboard with Long Shaft 
7112-2.5 HP 2-Cycle Gas Outboard 
7114-2.5 HP 2-Cycle Gas Outboard with Long Shaft 
8000-Super Snark Sailboat to Eastern or Central Time Zone 
8001-Complete Sunflower Sailboat to Eastern or Central Time Zone 
8002-Center Seat for Sunflower 639300 
8003-Upgrade Sunflower or Super Snark to Custom Dacron Sail email color choices to 
8005-Sea Skimmer - Shipped to Eastern or Central Time Zones 
8006-Sea Snark Sailboat 
8007-Snark and Sunflower Stabilizer Pontoons 
8008-Rowing rig for Snark or Sunflower 
8009-Stabilizer for Snarks and Sunflowers 
8010-Dagger Board for Super Snark, Sunflower, etc 62420 
8011-Complete rudder and Tiller Assembly for Snark and Sunflower P40119 
8012-Complete rudder, tiller and gudgeon assembly for Snark and Sunflower 
8013-Sunchaser I by Snark - Shipping Cost Separate 
8014-Sunchaser II by Snark - Shipping Cost Separate 
8015-Super Snark Sailboat to Mountain or Pacific Time Zone 
8016-Complete Sunflower Sailboat to Mountain or Pacific Time Zone 
8017-Sunflower sailboat picked up in Adrian Michigan (factory) 
8020-Sea Skimmer to Mountain or Pacific Time zones 
8024-Ethafoam Stabilizer for Super Snark and Sunflower 
8040-Sail pre-assembly service 
8050-Super Snark Blem 
8884-Aquaglide Blackfoot XL Inflatable Kayak - Used - $499
8060 - Sea Eagle Sail Cat 14SC portable catamaran sailboat
8888-Custom Payment - Change quantity then click Update Quantity then Checkout then write note in comment space  
8889-custom shipping amount 
8890-Additional Cost for Shipment to Canada for sail rigs without stabilizers  
8891-Shipping to Canada for sail rig with stabilizers 
8899-Custom Payment - hundreds 
8900-Canoe stabilizer, with 36-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats 
8901-Canoe stabilizer, with 40-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats 
8902-Canoe Stabilizer, with 45-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats 
8903-Canoe stabilizer, with 30-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats 
8904-Canoe stabilizer, custom-length mid section, Ethafoam floats 
8905-Canoe stabilizer, with 30-in. mid section, Hydrodynamic floats 
8906-Canoe stabilizer, with 36-in. mid section, Hydrodynamic floats 
8907-Canoe stabilizer, 40-in. mid section, Hydrodynamic floats Canoe stabilizer, 45-in. mid section, Hydrodynamic floats stabilizer, custom length mid section, Hydrodynamic floats Kayak stabilizer with 30-in mid section and Ethafoam floats Kayak stabilizer with 36 Kayak stabilizer with 40-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats stabilizer with 45-in. mid section, Ethafoam floats stabilizer, custom length mid section, Ethafoam floats Shipping: Hydrodynamic stabilizer to Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. Ethafoam stabilizer to Europe, Japan, Australia Etc stabilizer to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada by Priority stabilizer additional shipping for Ethafoam type to UK, Australia, Europe, Japan Eagle QuikSail Chinnery CD 16 Songs, Acoustic 12-String 14" Blade for cutting ferrous metals Life Vest (Adult Life Jacket or PFD) Stearns life vests (Adult life jackets or PFDs)  pay with Paypal

5205-Cover for Boat, Canoe, Kayak from Danuu - The Skipper 

5500 - QuikRow Rowing Rig for Inflatable Kayaks

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