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1-Intex Mariner 4 4-person boat


2-Add Sail Kit to A Sea Eagle Kayak Order


3-Any Sea Eagle Boat at big discount


11-Sea Eagle 380X Deluxe Kayak Package


12-Sea Eagle 380X Pro Kayak Package


13-Sea Eagle 380X Pro Carbon Kayak Package


17-Sea Eagle 420X Pro Kayak Package


299-Saturn 13 ft. Pro Angler (or Ocean Fishing) with Sail Kit and Bench Seats


301-Deluxify Your Inflatable Dinghy Sail Kit or Sailboat Order


303-Sea Eagle Fast Track 385FT Kayak With Sail Rig


305-Sea Eagle Fast Track 465FT Kayak With Sail Rig


306-Sea Eagle 465FT with Sail Kit - Pro Package latest model


310-Sea Eagle 300X Explorer 10' One person kayak with sail rig


320-Sea Eagle RazorLite 473rl Kayak With Sail Rig & Stabilizer Floats


997-Sail Kit Spare Parts Package


998-Super Deluxe Canoe Sail Kit Package - Save $158!


999-Canoe sail kit w/ Hydrodynamic Stabilizer Floats


1000-Canoe sail rig with inflatable stabilizer floats


1001-Canoe Sail Rig w/out Stabilizer Floats


1002-Substitute Non-Adjustable Rowing Outrigger for adjustable


1003-Conversion Kit - Canoe Sail Rig to Inflatable Sail Rig


1004-Canoe Sail Kit w/ 55 SF Sail and Hydrodynamic Floats


1005-Intex Mariner 4 with Our Sail Rig - Complete Inflatable Sailboat


1006-Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizer Floats & Arms only (slide into crossbar of a sail or rowing kit)


1007-High Seat - Special add-on canoe seat


1008-Deluxe canoe sail rig package - Save $130 - Ships free!


1009-Sail kit for MyCanoe Origami canoe


1010-MyCanoe Duo Folding Canoe and Sail Kit - free shipping!


1011-MyCanoe Duo Origami Folding Canoe


1013-Inflatable stabilizer floats and arms -white


1014-Upgrade stabilizer floats from inflatable to hydrodynamic


1016-Canoe Stabilizer with Inflatable Floats, 46-inch crossbar and Up-Down Adjustment, Square Posts


1017-Canoe Sail Rig For Stabilizer Owners


1018-Canoe Side Rudder - complete with mount


1019-Canoe side rudder - substitute for steering oar


1020-Side Rudder to be used with steering oar crossbar


1021-16' folding Pakboats Pakcanoe 160 with deluxe sail kit and stabilizers


1022-Pair of hydrodynamic stabilizer floats


1023-16.5' folding Pakboats Pakcanoe 165 with deluxe sail kit and stabilizers


1024-Pakboats rowing rig


1025-Center seat for Pakcanoes


1027-NuCanoe Sail kit with inflatable stabilizers


1028-Sail kit for NuCanoe with Hydrodynamic Stabilizers


1029-NuCanoe Sail Kit with No Stabilizer Pontoons


1030-Stabilizer pontoons for NuCanoe - Hydrodynamic


1031-Upgrade Hydrodynamic Stabilizer Order to Square Posts


1032-NuCanoe Stabilizer Pontoons - Inflatable


1034-single hydrodynamic replacement float - specify color in comment space


1036-Radisson Canoe Sponsons with no hardware -- Free Shipping.


1037-Square posts and float arms for Hydrodynamic Floats - Convert Yours!


1038-14' Pakcanoe with Deluxe Sail Kit Including Stabilizers


1040-Canoe Sail Kit Minus Mast, Spars and Sail


1041-Canoe Sail kit Minus Sail, Spars, Mast and Floats


1042-Canoe Center Rudder


1070-Solstice Quest Dinghy Sail Kit with Rudder (no boat)


1072-Deluxe package: Solstice Quest Dinghy Sail Kit and Rudder (no boat)


1074-Sail kit for Saturn River Raft RD365 - rudder version


1075-Sail Kit for Saturn River Raft RD365 - steering oar version


1076-Saturn Lite River Raft RD365 With Sail Kit


1077-Rear motor mount for RD365 Sail Kit


1078-Saturn River Raft & Sail Kit with Rudder Steering


1080-Marine Pro inflatable dinghy with sail kit


1082-Deluxe Marine Pro package


1084-Dinky Cat Inflatable Catamaran -- Lightweight, Quick Set-up


1086-Sail Kit for Saturn TOW290 - (Dinky Cat)


1088-Bestway Motor mount for Marine Pro and Intex


1090-Duffel Bag for Mariner Floor or Canoe Cart


1091-Deluxe Mariner 4 Sailboat


1093-Deluxe Mariner 3 Sailboat Package


1100-Serendipity Sail Kit for Water Tender or Classic Dinghy from Sun Dolphin & West Marine


1102-Serendipity Deluxe Sail Kit for West Marine Water Tender (Sun Dolphin too)


1104-Super Deluxe Serendipity Package w/ wheels for the Water Tender


1105-Sail Kit for Bic SportYak 245


1997-conversion kit for canoe rig to kayak


1999-Shipping upcharge for sail rig with floats to W. Europe, UK, Ireland, Japan


2001-Sail Rig for Your Inflatable Dinghy (Marine Pro, Canyon Pro, Sevylor, Intex, Fishman and others)


2002-Conversion Kit - Inflatable Dinghy or Kayak Sail Rig to Canoe (No Floats)


2003- Challenger 3 boat plus our sail rig - lightest, most affordable inflatable sailboat


2004-Deluxe Sail Kit for Intex Mariner 4... Save $50!


2005-Sail kit for Sea Eagle Frameless Fishing Boat 285 fpb Not available


2006-Sail kit for Sea Eagle 285 fpb with Upgrades


2007-Deluxe Sail Kit for Marine Pro, Mariner 3, Canyon Pro, Cheyennes, Seahawks


2009-Sail Rig for Zodiac-type inflatable tenders


2010-11' Saturn or Baltik Inflatable hard-transom boat. and sail kit


2011-Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout With Sail Kit


2012-Sliding leeboard mount converters (Pair)


2013-Leeboard shaft extensions (pair) for boats with more than 18-inch tube diametemr


2014-Steering Balance Tuner (Read whole description!)


2015-Electric Air Pump - Power Inflator 12V DC works off car cigarette lighter


2017-Tiller Turner lets you sail sitting centered in the boat with center rudder


2020-Add Cam Cleat To Crossbar for Halyard on T-front rigs


2021-T-Front Kayak Sail Rig - Open sides -- for RazorLite, Travel Canoe, and many others


2022-Intex Mariner 3 with our Sail Rig - Complete10' sailboat


2023-SVX500 adaptor


2024-SVX500DS 17-ft. Inflatable Sailing Kayak OUT OF STOCK


2026-Sail Kit for Pathfinder II kayak (Via Mare XXL) including stabilizer floats


2027-Sail kit for Bolt Kayak or intex Excursion Pro - Includes Stabilizers!


2028- Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak with Sail Kit - Includes Stabilizers!


2029-Electric Inflation Pump With Battery and Gauge and charger


2030-Sail kit for Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc


2031-Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc and Sail Kit


2038-Sail kit only for Advanced Elements StraitEdge2


2039-Sail kit for Sevylor Sport Fisher SVX2020DS


2042-Sail kit for . Marine Pro, Seahawk 4, Challenger 3, Navigators


2043-Center rudder for inflatable dinghy sail rigs, substitute for side steering oar


2044-Center rudder system for inflatable dinghies


2046-Motor mount for Navigator, Jilong Cheyenne, Atol boats


2047-Deluxify Any Inflatable Sailboat or Sail Kit


2049-Aire Tomcat Tandem with Sail Kit


2057-Front Crossbar Extension - $12 shipping if bought alone


2058-11' Saturn minicat nanocat with sail - subject to availability


2059-12-ft. Saturn Minicat MC365 with sail kit


2060-9 - ft. Nanocat with folding sail kit


2061-Sail Kit for Saturn Nanocats


2064-Sat Cat - Frameless 11.5' Saturn Catamaran with Sail Kit


2065-Sail Kit for Sat Cat (Saturn Frameless Catamaran)


2070-Minicat Guppy - A 10' Inflatable Catamaran Sailboat - Shipping TBD


2072-Minicat 310 Super Inflatable Catamaran Sailboat - Shipping TBD


2076-Minicat 420 Instinct - A 14' Inflatable Catamaran Sailboat - Shipping TBD


2077-Minicat 420 Emotion Shipping TBD


2080-Minicat 460 - A 15' Inflatable Catamaran Sailboat - Shipping TBD


2999-Almost Universal Sail Rig - Fits rigid canoes/ kayaks; inflatable dinghies/canoes/kayaks


3007-Hand pump for inflating boats and stabilizers


3008-Aluminum Kayak Paddle - 2 Piece - Carlisle Day Tripper


3010-Sea Eagle Foot pump A41


3011-Pump - large bellows foot pump for Intex & Sevylor


3012-Sea Eagle High Pressure Hand Pump with Gauge


3013-Sea Eagle BP-12 Electric Pump 12 volt with battery


3014-Sea Eagle Electric Pump 12 volt (single stage)


3015-Motor mount for Intex and Marine Pro inflatables -


3017-Rudder Mount for Inflatable Rafts


3021-Book On Learning To Sail -- Jim's Favorite (USED)


3022-Clamps to sail inflatable with motor mount


3023-Lightweight, high quality Cannon kayak paddle


3024-Old style Intex Motor Mount -- for Seahawk Sport 400 etc.


3025-Sail Kit for Pakboats


3026-Deluxe Sail Kit for Pakboats Canoes and Kayaks


3027-Pakboat Puffin Saranac tandem folding kayak with deluxe sail kit


3029-Pair of flat blade oars, no oarpins


3030-Pair of Aluminum Oars - Flat blade, with oar pins and short straps.


3031-Stabilizer Carry Bag


3032-Oarlock Towers


3033-Pair 8' Oars with Curved Blades


3040-11' Sportspal Canoe - S11 -Square Stern, Aluminum - shipping TBD


3042-12' Sportspal Canoe S12 - Aluminum - shipping TBD -


3044-13' Sportspal Canoe S13 - Square Stern - Aluminum - shipping TBD -


3045-13' Sportspal Canoe X13 - Aluminum - WIDE Square Stern - shipping TBD -


3046-14' Sportspal Canoe S14 - Aluminum - shipping TBD


3048-15' Sportspal Canoe S15 - Square Stern - Aluminum - shipping TBD -


3050-16' Sportspal Canoe S16 - Aluminum - shipping TBD -


4003-Canoe sail rig plans, how to sail, & instructional video


4004-Free inflatable sailboat plans because I am buying a sail or spars today.


4005-Canoe sail rig plans and how-to-build video free because I am buying sail or spars today.


4010-U-bolts - please state size in order comments


4800-steering oar unit for kayak, canoe, or dinghy


4801-Camera Mount -- Video Yourself Sailing


4802-Upgrade Steering Oars to Add Kayak Paddle Versatility


4804-pair of standard leeboard blades (replacement part)


4806-Quick Release Leeboard Mounts - pair


4807-Upgrade Your Order to Quick Release Leeboard Mounts


4808-Snap-in Leeboard Mounts with all stainless steel threads


4812-Snap-in oarpin sockets


4949-Sunchaser II Main Sail Only - Shipping TBD


4951-Snark Mayflower Sail - 82 SF


4952-Sunchaser 1 sail


4953-Snark Sunchaser II Sails (Main & Jib)


4984-45 SF sail, spars, slide, ropes, instructions


4986-Giant 66 SF sail with mast, spars and mast slide


4989-Sail and spars, w/ropes, mast slide in 55 SF size fits Sunflower


4990-Giant 66 SF Sail


4991-Giant 66 SF Sail and Spars and Mast Slide


4992-66 SF Sail and Spars (no mast slide)


4993-Snark Sea Skimmer Sails - Same as Sea Devil


4994-Sea Skimmer Main Sail - Same as Sea Devil


4996-Side Saddle Canoe Motor Mount for Old Town Canoes with Vinyl Gunwales - New and Improved Sidesaddle.


4997-Snark sail in Teal/Yellow/White 45 SF


4998-45 SF Sail, spars, ropes, mast slide and heavy duty mast


4999-Snark Stabilizer with Inflatable Floats


5000-Mast,spars,45 SF sail, ropes, mast slide - fits our rigs, Spring Creek, Sea Eagle


5001-Sail - 45 SF nylon Rainbow Stripes - for Super Snark, Sea Snark, Whirlwind Sail




5003-Spar set - boom, top spar, mast slide, ropes for our rigs, Sea Eagle, etc.


5004-Standard Mast - 2 part, 87 inches, 1.25-inch diameter


5005- Spar Set for 55 SF Sail, w/ ropes & mast slide


5006-Canoe wheels, 16-in. - slip-on to sail rig, rowing rig or stabilizer system


5007-Upgrade to Reefing Batwing Sail, Mast, Etc. (substitution)


5008-Reefing Balogh Batwing Sail, Mast, Boom, Mast step


5009-SOLD OUT motor mount for Sevylor 9 - 12' Caravelle & Super Caravelles


5010-Snark Sea Skimmer Sails - Also fit Sea Devil


5011-Bigger Sail Substitution Package -- 55 square foot nylon sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension.


5012-Get 2nd sail: Add 55 square foot sail and spar extension, plus mast upgrade


5014-Carry bag for boats


5015-SOLD OUT Waterproof case for cell phone, GPS, small camera


5016-Upgrade to Heavy Duty Mast (substitution item)


5017-Upgrade Sail to custom Dacron 45 SF -- allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery


5018-Snark Mast - for Sea Snark or Super Snark - only $15 shipping!


5019-Snark Sunflower Mast - also fits Super Snark and Sea Snark - Adjustable Height!


5020-Canoe leeboards that snap-in -- mount to stabilizer crossbar, pair


5022-Mast Slide or Gooseneck. Swivels - replaces boom guide assembly


5023-Spar Set for Super Snark/Sea Snark - Stronger & Better


5024-Spars, Mast and Sail for Super Snark & Sea Snark


5025-55 SF Sail, nylon, yellow and white C55


5027-Kayak stabilizer with Hydro-Dynamic Floats & round post.


5029-Snap-in Leeboard. Just one. Not a pair.


5030-Rowing Outriggers for Canoe (pair) - Adjustable


5031-Steering Oar & Oar Pin & Short Strap.


5032-Drop-in Canoe Seat with low CG, foam seat pad, 34 to 40 inch


5033-Spoon oars with oarpins (pair)


5034-Canoe crossbar and gunwale clamps


5035-Complete Rowing Package without Stabilizer Floats with Adjustable Rowing Outriggers, Flat Blade Oars, and Drop-In Seat.


5036-Steering Oar Setup for Zodiac-type Boats


5037-Motor Rudder short rudder head and u-bolt


5038-55 Sq. Ft. Nylon Sail and Spar Extension


5039-Heavy duty mast


5040-Sunflower Replacement Sail (small - 45 SF) - Yellow & white C45


5041-Canoe gunwale clamps - 1 pair - specify small or large


5042-55 SF Sail Rig for Nauticraft Escapade


5043-45 SF Sail, Mast and Spars for Nauticraft Escapade


5044-Spars for 55 Sq. Ft. Sail including Sunflower


5046-4-float Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer - Email & specify length of crossbar .


5047-Motor rudder


5048-4-Float Hydrodynamic canoe stabilizer with Link Arms adaptor - Email and specify crossbar length desired.


5050-Link arms adaptor for use with 4 floats and arms


5051-Link Arms adaptors and extension arm for 2-float stabilizers (pair)


5052-Hinged Motor mount for Canoe - The Flipper!


5053-Motor mount for Canoe - Super Strong for up to 3 HP


5054-extension for #5053 canoe motor mount


5055-Snap-in Motor Mount for Trolling Motor


5056-Leeboards and crossbar for canoe (leeboard unit)


5057-Electric Motor Package includes battery and charger


5058-Additional battery units for motor package


5059-Folding Canoe and Kayak Cart, 12-in. wheels


5060-Upgrade Sail to 55 SF Custom Dacron, Mast to Heavy Duty, add spar extension


5061-55 SF Custom Dacron Sail and spar extension


5062-kayak Kart, Dinghy Dolly, Boat Buggy, Canoe Cart with 16-in. wheels


5063-Wheels for canoes, kayaks, inflatables - 12-in slip-on


5064-Canoe Lashing Bars, join two canoes to make a catacanoe


5065-Aluminum Hitch Rack - Telescoping T support holds rear end of Canoe


5066-Trailer hitch ball offset - free ship only if ordered with other items


5067-Yoke Seat for Canoe - In comment box state color - black, red, or brown


5068-Crossbar seat


5069-Aluminum Receiver Insert


5070-Large rowing mirror on own crossbar with gunwale clamps


5071-twin large rowing mirrors


5072-Custom-length crossbar upcharge - Over 46 inches


5073-Oarlock lift blocks (pair with bolts)


5074-Rowing Package with Flat Oars and Seat Options


5075-Rowing Package with Spoon Oars and Seat Options


5076-Rowing Package with Adjustable Rowing Outriggers, Drop-in Seat, and Spoon Oars


5077-Rowing package with adjustable rowing outriggers, no seat, and flat blade oars. Please state crossbar length in comments.


5078-Heavy-duty flat-blade oar.. Two-piece, 7-foot. with oar pin and strap.


5079-Sockets for rowing outrigger - DIY alternative


5080-Roof rack carrier bar with suction cup and extending loading bars


5082-Pick-up Truck Box Rack - One Tuff Truck Rack - Free ship!


5083-Load Stops for Racks


5084-2 Suction Cup Feet + hardware to make 1 wood carrier bar roof rack


5085-Rowing Accessory Bundle - mirror & lift blocks


5086-Economy Rowing Package


5087-clamp-on oarlock (clamp-on oar pin )


5088-Radisson canoe sponsons - foam flotation - 1 pair - plated hardware - free shipping!


5089-Basic rowing package for inflatable kayaks


5090-Clamps for Canoe Motor Mounts or DIY projects (1 pair)


5091-kayak Adapter - leg and deck bracket for mounting stabilizer or sail kit


5092-Leeboard upgrade - convert your purchase to unbreakable blades


5093-Unbreakable leeboards (pair)


5094-Standard leeboard and bolt (replacement parts)


5095-4 Rubber expansion nuts (well nuts) - Makes installation easy on sit-op-tops


5096-Kayak Adapters - Pair of legs & deck brackets for attaching crossbar to kayak


5097-Double Tube Crossbar (for stabilizers, rowing units, front assembly of sail kits)


5098-Bolt-on gunwale J brackets accept gunwale clamp aka false gutters


5099-55 SF custom Dacron Sail


5100-Kayak saddle set for carrier bars


5101-Adjustable width option for folding boat cart


5102-Tee Handles Make Our Spoon Oars Into Canoe Paddles (pair)


5103-Bag for stabilizers - Free shipping* if bought with stabilizer


5104-Deck brackets - 1 pair - for kayaks


5106-Kayak adapters - set of 5


5107-Suction Cup Roof Rack with 1 Long Loading Bar


5108-Storage racks for canoe - attach to garage wall, folds flat


5109-Bailing bucket


5110-Protective cover for canoe - specify length & width of canoe in comment space


5111-Suction Cup Roof Rack w/out loading bars.


5112-Set of 10 rubber well nuts


5113-Short shaft trolling motor by Newport Vessells


5114-Foam Floor seat for canoe


5115-Storage Rack Stops - pair


5116-Pulley Lift Ceiling Storage System


5117-Comfy Back Rest for Canoe Seat - specify color


5121-Canoe sail kit front assembly with large sail for stabilizer owner


5122-Minn Kota Endura 30 electric trolling motor


5123-Single-tube crossbar


5124-Cane Seat for Canoe Floor - Be Comfortable, Lower CG


5125-Summer Solstice 55 SF Yellow & White Sail NOT AVAILABLE


5126-Bilge Pump


5127-Kayak Stands


5128-Trailer for small boats, Trailex, SUT 220-S Shipping TBD


5129-Deluxe SUT-220s trailer package for small boats, shipping TBD


5130-Parking Jack for trailer


5131-Secondary Front Crossbar - no clamps


5132-Spare Tire carrier for trailer


5133-Spare tire for 5128 trailer


5134-Hand winch and winch post for 5128 trailer


5135-2-kayak adapter for trailer


5136-Rowing Package with Adjustable Rowing Outriggers, Spoon Oars and No Seat - state crossbar length wanted


5137-steering oar crossbar for canoe or kayak sail kit


5138-Ash Motor Mount for Trolling Motor on Canoe


5139-Battery Box Power Center


5140-Radisson Canoe Sponsons with stainless steel hardware - free shipping!


5141-Our 45 SF sail in blue white yellow (Sail F45)


5142-45 SF light blue/dark blue sail no logo. By Priority Mail.


5144-55 SF Nylon Sail No Logo, Light Blue/Dark Blue


5145-55 SF Nylon Sail in Yellow/White/Blue (F55), fits Sunflower 3.3


5146-Mast step (socket)


5147-White Dacron Sail - 45 SF size


5148-White Dacron Sail - 55 SF fits Sunflower and our rigs


5149-Upgrade to 55 SF white Dacron sail and heavy duty mast


5150-Upgrade a Sail in Your Order to White Dacron


5151-Zowie! 45 SF sail in light blue, yellow, red, dark blue nylon - E2


5152-Our blue-yellow-red 55 SF nylon sail - E2


5153-Pair of float arms with lever locks


5154-Leeboard Unit with One Blade and gunwale clamps


5155-Substitute special Mad River Adventure type clamp


5156-Upgrade to Neil Pryde Dacron Sail - Ready Made


5157-Neil Pryde 45 SF Dacron - ready made


5158-Neil Pryde Dacron 55 SF Sail - Ready Made


5159-Upgrade to 55 SF Neil Pryde Sail & Heavy Duty Mast


5160-spar extension for our spar set


5161-Steering oar crossbar and gunwale clamps for canoe


5162-5 Tubes of Vinyl Repair Cement


5163-Telescoping leeboard crossbar with gunwale clamps


5164-Aluminum folding cart for deflated boats and folded sail kits


5165-55 SF Nylon Sail - White with Rainbow Stripes (D55)


5166-One Hydrodynamic Stabilizer Float


5167-SUT-350-S Trailex Trailer 18 ft. 6 in. long - shipping To Be Determined


5168-Winch post and winch for SUT-350-S trailer


5169-Mast, spars, sail, ropes, mast slide in 55 SF size


5172-White Nylon Sail - 55SF - fits Sunflower 3.3


5173-Lever locks (1 pair) to upgrade your old stabilizer


5174-Aluminum Shaft 2-piece oar


5175-Joining Sleeve for Oars Makes Kayak Paddle


5176-Inflatable stabilizer system for Canoe, 40-inch


5177-Pirate Sail - 45 SF with Jolly Roger Skull and Crossbones


5178-Pirate Sail - 55 SF with skull and crossbones


5179-Trailex SUT-250-S Trailer for Small Boats - Shipping TBD


5180-Discontinued Our 45 SF sail in dk blue yellow red dk blue nylon - E1


5182-Neil Pryde International 45 SF Pastel Corners dacron sail


5183-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Pastel Corners dacron sail


5184-Neil Pryde International 45 SF Red/White dacron sail


5185-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Red/White dacron sail


5186-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Blue/Gray


5187-Neil Pryde International 55 SF Yellow/White/Blue "Spring"


5188-Drop-in Seat for narrower canoes, 30 to 34 inches


5189-Upgrade SUT Trailex Trailer to 12-inch wheels


5190-Sail and Spars Bag - Long Skinny Sack Great for Car Topping


5192-Sunflower parts package: Everything but hull & deck


5193-Upgrade rudder blade to unbreakable


5194-Sunflower sail, mast, spars, spar extension, mast slide, and ropes


5195-Sunflower mast, spars, rudder, dagger board, cleat, gudgeon


5196-Gudgeon for Super Snark, Sea Snark, Sunflower, Sea Skimmer P62010


5197-Snark rudder L pin - Free ship if in larger order. Otherwise, $7


5198-Rudder Head for Super Snark, Sunflower and Skimmer P62020


5199-Snark Rudder L Pin Better Version - A Pin with Eye & Wingnut


5201-short strap with spring lock buckle


5202-long strap with spring lock buckle


5203-Bow or Stern Strap System for Safer Car Topping


5204-Pair of Top Ties -- Bolt-on Strap Loops


5205-Cover for Boat, Canoe, Kayak from Danuu - The Skipper


5209-Adjustable Mast Extension for Super Snark, Etc.


5211-Mast extension for Super Snark, Sunflower or Sea Snark replaces mast cap


5212-Snark Rig - Everything for a Snark but Hull


5215-Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount for Canoes


5216-Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount with Stabilizers for Canoes


5218-Sit Backer Seat with Backrest


5220-Rowing Mirror on Sliding Mount Fits Stabilizer Arm


5221-Large Rowing Mirror on Arm to Fit Crossbar


5222-Sliding Seat for Canoe Rowing


5223-Oar shaft extension


5230-Rowing Outriggers - Non-adjustable. Heavy duty. Fixed-span.


5235-Newport Vessells 36 -lb-thrust trolling motor - saltwater or fresh


5240-Canoe Sail Kit H type front assembly with Leeboards


5241-Canoe Sail Kit H type front assembly without Leeboards


5244-Bowsprit for sail kit - Free shipping as an add-on item


5248-1.5-inch mast step - for Balogh Batwing Mast and others


5250-Paddleski Stabilizer - hydrodynamic


5260-55 SF sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension


5275-Upgrade Oars To Heavy Duty (flat blade)


5276-Heavy duty flat blade oars - 7ft. Pair. .


5277-Rowing Package with Fixed Span Rowing Outriggers, No Seat, and Flat Blade Oars. Please state crossbar length in comments.


5278-Rowing Package with Spoon Oars, Fixed-Span Rowing Outriggers, and No Seat - state crossbar length wanted


5279-Accessory Seat Rowing Package with Fixed Span Rowing Outriggers and Flat-Blade Oars


5280-Accessory Seat Rowing Package with Fixed Rowing Outriggers and Spoon-Blade Oars


5281-Complete Rowing Package without Stabilizer Floats with Fixed Span Rowing Outriggers, Flat Blade Oars, and Drop-In Seat.


5282-Rowing Package with Fixed-Span Rowing Outriggers, Drop-in Seat, and Spoon Oars


5287-Upgrade standard mast to super heavy duty


5288-Upgrade Heavy Duty Mast to Super Heavy Duty


5289-Super Heavy Duty Mast


5291-one standard leeboard and one half mount


5294-Decal saying SNARK


5300-Upgrade oars from flat blade to spoon blade


5348-Electric Trolling Motor for Salt Water Use 45-lb Thrust


5349-Marine Deep Cycle Battery - Lead Acid, 55 amp hour


5350-Lithium 100 AH battery and charger


5375-Accessory Seat for Canoe - Accepts Row Arms etc.


5377-Accessory Seat Rowing Package with Adjustable Rowing Outriggers and Flat-Blade Oars


5379-Accessory Seat Rowing Package with Adjustable Rowing Outriggers and Spoon-Blade Oars


5418-SOLD OUT Gray Stripes Neil Pryde Sail - Reverse Color Scheme


5419-SOLD OUT Brighter Blue/Gray Neil Pryde Sail - Sail Selection item


5422-Sunchaser II sail set ( Sun Chaser 2 main and jib)


5423-Right-angle Piece for stabilizing crossbar on inflatable


5500-Sea Eagle QuikRow Rowing Kit for Inflatable Kayaks


5503-Oarpin bushing for oarlock - 1


5510-Trailex Boat Dolly SUT-300U


5512-SUT-350SD Trailex Boat Dolly


5599-Adjustable Length Tiller Assembly for Super Snark & Sunflower


5600-Tiller Assembly for Super Snark, Sea Snark & Sunflower P74060


5602-Mast seat for Super Snark & Sea Snark P62350


5604-Better Snark Rudder Blade -- and free pin & knob! -- for Super Snark, Sunflower and Sea Skimmer


5606-OEM Rudder Blade for Super Snark, Sunflower & Sea Skimmer P62760


5608-Mast Sleeve for Super Snark and Sea Snark 74030


5610-Mast Sleeve for Sunflower 3.3 - Snark part 748700


5612-Connecting Bolt for Super Snark Boom and Spar P62480


5614-Line set for Super Snark or Sunflower 74080


5616-Nylon eyestraps set of 4 with screws for Super Snark P61000


5618-Nylon O rings set of 2 for Super Snark P62430


5620-Pulley Set for Super Snark or Sunflower Sheet. Replaces O-rings


5622-Pulley Block for Sheet. With cord to tie it on.


5624-Boom Guide Assembly (OEM) for Super Snark and Sunflower P62440


5626-Cleat Assembly For Sea and Super Snark and Sunflower P30680


5628-Mast Cap for Sea and Super Snarks and Sunflower 62460


5630-End Caps for Sea and Super Snark set of 5 P62470


5632-Rub Rail for Super Snark and Sunflower 61990


5633-Splash Deck for Super Snark & Sea Snark - NOT AVAILABLE


5634-Splash Deck for Super Snark or Sea Snark- Shipping TBD - Black P-74280


5636-Super Snark Hull Only. Shipping subject to adjustment.


5637-Sunflower Hull, splash deck, etc.. Shipping TBD


5638-Upper Spar Extension for Sunflower 3.3 748400


5640-Set of 4 end caps for Sunflower Boom and Spar P61370


5642-Nickel Plated Eyestraps for Sunflower


5646-Jointed Eyebolt Assembly for Sunflower P61350


5648-Bow Eye Assembly for Sea Snark and Super Snark P62360


5649-Bow Eye for Sunflower 3.3. P62360


5660-Sea Skimmer Mast with Cap P28430. Shipping subject to adjustment


5662-Yoke for Sea Skimmer P27330 (boom-to-mast fitting)


5664-Complete Sail Assembly for Sea Skimmer P89170


5705-Cam Cleat on a Caribiner for Halyard or Sheet


6001-Any Kayak sail rig with inflatable stabilizers


6003-Kayak Stabilizer with Square-Post System & Hydrodynamic Floats


6004-The Any Kayak upwind Sail Rig with Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizers


6007-Big Bag


6008-Kayakamaran sail rig


6009-Additional Shipping to UK, Europe or Japan for a sail rig without stabilizer floats or with inflatable floats


6010-Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig


6011-Super Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig


6012-Upgrade Deluxe Package to Custom Dacron Sail


6013-Sail Kit for Sea Eagle PaddleSki


6016-Kaboat with sail rig, 12-foot


6017-Kaboat with Sail Kit, 14-foot


6018-Kaboat sail kit


6020-The Any Kayak Sail Kit Without Stabilizer Floats


6021-Sail kit bag with wheels - Big & heavy duty


6022-Kayak Sail Kit, with U-shaped front unit, for Fast Track, Saturn, etc.


6025-Bolt-on upwind kayak rig (stabilizers not included)


6026-Sail kit for Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks, 300x, 350X, 380x, 420x Aquaglide Blackfoot HB Xl & Chelan HB Tandem Xl


6027-Sea Eagle 380X Explorer 12.5' kayak with sail rig


6029-15' Kaboat and Deluxe Sail Kit Package


6030-Strap-on Sail Kit for Wavewalk Kayak with HD Stabilizer Floats


6031-Bolt-on Sail Kit for Wavewalk Kayak with HD Stabilizer Floats


6032-Trolling Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak with float


6033-Motor mount for Wavewalk Kayak with 2 floats


6034-Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System for Wavewalk Kayak


6036-Super Strong Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak


6037-Hinged Motor Mount for Wavewalk Kayak


6038-Slip-on Wheels for Wavewalk Kayak - 12-inch.


6039-The 6025 bolt-on rig, plus hydrodynamic stabilizers


6040-Rowing Rig for Wavewalk Kayak


6041-15 - foot Kaboat with sail kit


6042-16-foot Kaboat with sail kit


6051-SALE! Sea Eagle 420X Explorer 14' kayak with sail rig


6052-Paddleski Center Motor Mount


6053-Paddleski Side Motor Mount


6100-Upgrade to your order to Deluxe Kayak Sail Kit


6101-Upgrade to Super Deluxe kayak sail kit


6500-high back inflatable seat


7000-Fishing Boat Sail Rig


7001-Deluxe Fishing Boat Sail Rig


7002-Fishing Boat Sail Rig Deluxe Package 2




7004-Porta-Bote Adapter Package


7005-Fishing Boat Sail Kit with Center Rudder


7007-Clamp-on rudder


7008-Upgrade to clamp-on rudder


7829-Topaz Taz Sailboat - Shipping TBD


7970-Better Daggerboard for Super Snark. Sunflower, Sea Skimmer - Unbreakable - Slides Easy - Does not float up - Ships Fast


7999-Sunflower Sailboat for European Market Not Available


8000-Super Snark Sailboat Deposit (Shipping to Be Determined)


8001- Sunflower Sailboat Deposit (Factory second. Shipping To Be Determined)


8002-Center Seat for Sunflower 639300


8003-Upgrade Sunflower or Super Snark to Custom Dacron Sail email color choices to


8004-Stabilizer pontoons for Snark Sunchaser


8005-Sea Skimmer sailboat - Shipping TBD


8007-Snark and Sunflower Stabilizer Pontoons


8008-Rowing rig for Snark or Sunflower


8009-Stabilizer w/square posts for Snarks and Sunflowers


8010-Dagger Board for Super Snark, Sunflower, etc 62420


8011-Complete rudder and Tiller Assembly for Snark and Sunflower P40119


8012-Complete OEM rudder, tiller and gudgeon assembly for Snark and Sunflower


8013-Sunchaser I by Snark - waiting list reservation


8014-Sunchaser II by Snark - waiting list reservation


8015-Super Snark Sailboat Depost


8016-Complete Sunflower Sailboat - deposit


8017-Sunflower sailboat picked up in Adrian Michigan (factory) - waiting list reservation


8020-Sea Skimmer waiting list reservation


8023-High Performance Rudder for Sea Skimmer


8024-High Performance Rudder for Super Snark & Sunflower


8025-Gudgeon plus high performance Snark and Sunflower rudder


8040-Sail & Spars Pre-Assembly Service For the Lazy or Mechanically Challenged


8051-Super Snark waiting list


8055-Rudder and Tiller Assembly for Sunchaser P40130


8888-Custom Payment - Change quantity then click Update Quantity then Checkout then write note in comment space


8889-Custom shipping & handling amount


8890-Additional Cost for Shipment to Canada for sail rigs without stabilizers


8891-Extra shipping to Canada for sail rig with stabilizers


8900-Hydrodynamic Canoe stabilizer, with 36-in. crossbar, Square post.


8901-Hydrodynamic Canoe stabilizer, 40-in., Square Post (Will be 2 shipments)


8902-Hydrodynamic Canoe stabilizer, 46-in., Square Post (Will be 2 shipments)


8903-Canoe Stabilizer, hydrodynamic floats, square post, size to come


8905-Inflatable Stabilizer for Canoe, 36-inch, Square post


8906-Round Post Canoe stabilizer, with 36-in. crossbar, Hydrodynamic floats


8907-Round Post Canoe stabilizer, 40-in. crossbar, Hydrodynamic floats


8908-Round Post Canoe stabilizer, 46-in. mid section, Hydrodynamic floats


8909-Canoe stabilizer, custom length mid section, Hydrodynamic floats


8915-Added Shipping: Hydrodynamic stabilizer to Europe or Japan


8917-Shipping upcharge for stabilizer to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada


8919-Sea Eagle QuikSail (Quick Sail or Quik Sail) Downwind Sail


9001-Porter-Cable 14" Blade for cutting ferrous metals


9002-Stearns Life Vest (Adult Life Jacket or PFD)


9020-Tuff Camp Saw - It folds! - Best Bow Saw Ever - 30-inch - Aluminum


9926-Additional Shipping Cost for a Sail - Priority Mail


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