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Rowing Package with Fixed-Span Rowing Outriggers, Drop-in Seat, and Spoon Oars
Item #: 5282

product_image Same as package item 5076 but with Spring Creek fixed-span (non-adjustable) rowing outriggers. 7 1/2 foot oar length. Please specify crossbar length (standard lengths are 36, 40 or 45 inches and it should be long enough to span your canoe with a little overhang). MORE ROWING PRODUCT INFO CLICK HERE.

The trade-off between adjustable and non-adjustable rowing outriggers: The adjustable can be used any where on your canoe with any length crossbar that spans the canoe width. They are more compact for storage and transport and cost less. The fixed-span (non-adjustable) rowing outrigggers in this package are more durable. The adjustable are durable enough for most recreational rowers. But if you are doing wilderness rowing on long trips, or working out every day for long periods, we recommend the non-adjustable.

Substitutions are allowed: If you prefer the accessory seat or the yoke seat instead of the drop-in seat, just put a note in the order comments space during checkout.

Please put a note in the order comments space during checkout specifying length of the crossbar (30", 36", 40", 45", 46" -- should be long enough to span the canoe where you will use it, and not more than 6 inches longer than that. For the few canoes that have outside-lip gunwales, needs to be 4 inches longer than width.)

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