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Kayaks can be great sailboats!

Get in the mood with this Video of Jim sailing a sit-on-top off St. John Island and this Video of family fun sailing inflatable kayaks in a vermont lake.  And see this customer review (click) with video.


Fun, Fast, Affordable, Comfortable, and very Portable. * 


For every kayak. Easy no-tool on and off.

What do you need?

Universal Sail kits: Click Here

Kits for Particular Kayaks:Click Here

Kayaks With Sail Kit: Click here

*We are talking about fully-capable sailboats with steering, big sails, and the ability to tack upwind.  Not at all like those little sails that only move your downwind.



Above:  Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Inflatable Kayak.   Click on photo to launch 380X video! 420x video: Click Here

We have universal kits and kits tailored for certain popular models.  

Make a "kayakamaran" using two kayaks.

Our sail rig converts your kayak into a sailboat in minutes. Fun, Fast, Portable, and Comfortable.  Rig folds to less than a 4-foot-long golf bag size package.  Full upwind sailboat performance.   Please click on links below.

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Our "Any Kayak" Sail kit on a Sit-on-top kayak (left) and on an inflatable sit-in (below).  The Any Kayak kit fits on all kayaks -- inflatable kayaks too.  It folds to fit in a golf bag.  Inflatable stabilizer pontoons or rigid.  Product listing for the Any Kayak Sail Kit is here.

Enjoy the thrilling power of nature's wonderful wind.  Feel that power in the tug of the sail on the rope in your hand, and the throb of the steering oar in your other hand as its blade knifes through the rushing water.

Owner and founder Jim Luckett  is as passionate about customer service as he is about sailing.  Need help shopping, sailing advice, or have a boat not listed on our site? Call or email him!

Contact Me: 1-888-Joy-Sail or 1-978-263-7598. 





Any Kayak Sail Kit with Inflatable Pontoons - Item 6001

Sea Eagle 420X Kayak with Sail kit for up to 3 people.  Item 6051 (click number)



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