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SailboatsToGo Canoe Sail kits fit any canoe!

Choose a standard kit or discounted Deluxe or Super Deluxe package. Add any upgrades & options you want.

Choice of sail size, color, material, and pattern. Wide array of upgrades & accessories to enhance performance and convenience.

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Our Standard Canoe Kit with our Pirate sail.

11 sail colors to choose from.

Clamp-on sail rig converts your canoe into a sailboat in minutes. Fun, Fast, Portable, and Comfortable.  Rig folds to less than a 4-foot-long golf bag size package.  Does not damage your canoe.  Full upwind sailboat performance.

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Sail Colors, Materials, & Patterns

Pakboat, MyCanoe, & NuCanoe

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Enjoy the thrilling power of nature's wonderful wind.  Feel that power in the tug of the sail on the rope in your hand, and the throb of the steering oar in your other hand as its blade knifes through the rushing water.

Co-owners Jim Luckett and Rob Michael are passionate about sailing.  Need help shopping, sailing advice, or have a boat not listed on our site? Call or email us!

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