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Rowing vs. paddling:  Rowing is more efficient than paddling so you go faster for a given effort.   And it is a balanced stress on your body instead of a one-sided twisting stress.   So, it's better exercise.   Also, rowing adds variety:  Like sailing, paddling, and motoring, rowing is another way to enjoy your canoe.  Rowing adds spice to your canoeing life.   Row from the center and you'll be able to turn on a dime and have a passenger at each end.   It's a great way to fish, too. See our Canoe Rowing Video .     See customer reviews.

Equipment you need to row:  You need oars, oarlocks and sockets for the oarlocks.  Canoes are narrow, so to get the right distance between the oarlock sockets, you need "rowing outriggers" -- arms that stick out from the sides of the canoe.  Generally, you  also will want an add-on seat so you can put it in the middle of the canoe for rowing.   We offer packages with all of these elements (below).  Pick a package and then add stabilizer pontoons, wheels and other great accessories if desired.  We even offer a sliding seat to get your legs working, and a mirror to help you see where you're going.  It's a long page, so keep scrolling down.    Prices and order links are in the right-hand column.

Versatility:   The clamp-on crossbar at the heart of any of the rowing packages also receives other accessories we sell, such as the canoe sail kit, the canoe stabilizer pontoons and the canoe wheels (stabilizers and wheels are on this page below).  We even offer seats that take the place of the crossbar and accept wheels, stabilizers, leeboards, etc. and the rowing outriggers.

Portability and Convenience:   All of our oars snap apart in the middle.  Rowing outriggers snap in and out of crossbar and clamp to canoe gunwale.   Crossbar, seat, mirrors, wheels -- all are designed for easy and quick installation and removal.

Improved Rowing Outriggers:  All rowing packages (except economy) now include our new adjustable rowing outriggers.  This new design allows you to fine tune the location of your oar locks and gives complete adjustability for various canoe widths, so you can row from the middle where the canoe is wide, or from either end where it is narrow, or switch between your wide canoe and your narrow canoe without buying different equipment.  We haven't updated all the pictures below, but you can see details of the new rowing outriggers here.

How to Order:   Our rowing products are listed in the matrix below.  First come the complete rowing packages, then add-on accessories that work with the packages, then individual parts for those who don't need a complete package.   When you have added everything you want to your shopping cart and move to the checkout screen, you will find a text box there for comments.  Please write in that comment section any size or color information etc. appropriate to the products ordered.  Underlined text in product descriptions tells you what type of information is needed in comment section for that product.   Questions?   Email or call 978 263 7598.  Phone orders welcome.

Photos of Our Canoe Rowing Products Descriptions    Prices and Buy Now Links

Rowing Packages

(A complete rowing kit as one item)

Customer comment: "Got my canoe rowing attachment yesterday and it is Magnificent. It went together in about 10 minutes, and well,

I got home when the moon came up. I stayed on the river until sundown.

It hauls ass up river going UP STREAM against the current in the river. The construction is magnificent.

Engineering on it is perfect. It is Everything I hoped for and then some."

Adam Langstone  10/21/2008  

 "This thing is awesome!" --Matt H., Plymouth, VT 7/2013Click "add to cart" at far right of page to buy this item.

Item 5035 Complete Rowing Package with drop-in seat.  

Complete Rowing Package (new improved rowing outriggers, crossbar with gunwale clamps, drop-in seat and oars) without stabilizer floats.   To order this item please click one of the two "add to cart" links at right.  The advantages of this package are low center of gravity for stability, completely no-tool installation and padded seat.  There is a similar seat, but with added unique features, called the Accessory Seat, offered in the next two packages below, so please consider that also.

Note that everything clamps onto the canoe and easily installs and removes without tools.  No drilling.   This is true of all of our packages, with slight exceptions for the yoke seat package below and the economy package.

See customer reviews


Crossbar length:  Please tell us how long to make the crossbar in comment section of checkout.   Standard lengths are 36", 40" and 45", no extra cost.  Custom lengths are $10 extra.  Crossbar should be  longer than width of your canoe, just like the picture at left.  (Crossbar is the wide aluminum piece  near bottom of photo that outriggers plug into).  When you do the online checkout, you'll see a place for comments. Use that to tell us your desired crossbar length.

Oars:  Standard oar is a 7-ft. flat-blade oar.  We also offer the extra-cost option to upgrade to a spoon-blade oar for greater efficiency. The extra-cost spoon-blade oars can be either 7-foot or 7-1/2 foot length (tell us in comment section of checkout).  Specify the longer length if  you want to work harder and go faster.

Other extra-cost upgrades and options to consider:   Stabilizer floats, mirror, lift blocks, wheels.   These are listed farther down on this page.  Add them individually to your online shopping cart.

Change the seat:  Same package with different seats also available.  See immediately below.  Also no-seat options and economy DIY seat options below.



with 7-ft. flat blade oars

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with spoon oars (see description - specify 7 or 7.5-foot oars in comments)

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$25 shipping on either package (lower 48 states)

For another view of  rowing outriggers, see first photo at center top of this page (man rowing toward you on the water). Click Here to See Canoe Rowing Video  

Complete Rowing Package like above but with choice among 4 different seat options. 

Same as package 5035 above except choose a different seat.  

The seat options: (1) Yoke Seat (2) High Seat and (3) High Seat SR or (4) Accessory Seat for $20 more. These 4 seat options are pictured at left and discussed below.

 Please tell us which seat you want in the comment section of your checkout page.  For yoke seat, also please specify color (brown, blue, red).

For Accessory Seat  we will add the $20 upgrade charge as a separate charge on your card during order processing. (Also available below in a package without crossbar  and therefore without an upgrade charge.)

The Yoke Seat provides the same low-center of gravity, and an added feature of serving as a portage yoke, but it does require you to screw two little mounting clips to your canoe.  The seat then pops in and out of those clips, so it is no-tool installation and removal once the clips are installed.  Has biggest seating area. More info on yoke seat click here.

The High Seat is higher, which long-legged people may find more comfortable.   It puts your bum at gunwale height. That means the canoe will be less stable.  So only get a high seat if you have good balance, or if you add the stabilizers offered below.   It is a hardwood seat with a durable clear finish and it clamps on for no-tool installation and removal.  Standard width is 36" (but 42" is available upon request).

The same comments apply to the High Seat SR.   The difference with this seat is it sits on top of the crossbar, thereby saving space.  Shown with hydrodynamic stabilizer floats, which are an add-on option (see below).  

The Accessory Seat accepts wheels, rowing outriggers, stabilizer pontoon outriggers, or leeboards directly into its side pieces.  In addition it is a lowered seat for low center of gravity, with cushion.  Adjustable width.  Strong.  $20 upcharge added later if you choose this seat in this package. Also available below in a package without crossbar without an upgrade charge.


with 7-ft. flat blade oars

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$288 with spoon blade oars (7 or 7 1/2 ft. --specify length in comment box of checkout)

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$20 upcharge added later if you select Accessory Seat in this package


$25 shipping in lower 48 states for any version of this package




Accessory Seat Rowing Package with low CG:

Eliminates the crossbar in front of you!

Same concept in a high-seat version:

No-Crossbar-Needed Rowing Package!

The "Accessory Seat" is the heart of this system. The Accessory Seat provides the same low center of gravity as the Drop-in Seat or Yoke seat but:  Unlike other seats, the Accessory Seat has sockets to accept accessories, such as rowing outriggers, stabilizer pontoons, wheels, or leeboard.   So this rowing package leaves the space in front of you completely unobstructed.  The rowing outriggers plug into the seat side pieces beside you instead of needing a crossbar in front of you.  Fast installation and removal, because only 4 gunwale clamps are required. Great flexibiilty in where you can put it on the canoe.

The accessory seat is strong and wide, with a foam pad.  Adjusts to fit different canoe widths.

Or get the same concept in a high seat version (specify in order comments).

Order wheels to slip into Accessory Seat sides farther down this page

$268 with flat-blade oars (7 ft.)

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$288 with spoon-blade oars (7 or 7 1/2 ft. --specify length in comment box of checkout)

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The no-seat rowing package: This package includes crossbar, rowing outriggers and oars .   No-tool easy-on/off attaching with clamps provided.

No-seat Rowing Package (oars included)

Like the rowing packages above, but you row from your existing canoe seat, or add the sliding seat below.   Click "Add to Cart" at right.    Please state crossbar length desired in comment section of online checkout. Standard lengths are 36", 40" or 45" (no price difference) and custom lengths are available for  $10 additional.

Any crossbar length will work, as long as it can span your canoe.  For canoes with outside gunwale lips you need 4 inches additional length so gunwale clamps can be mounted on outside.

Adjustable rowing outriggers allow any length crossbar to be used on any canoe, anywhere on canoe!  Only requirement is, of course, crossbar has to be long enough to span the canoe width (plus 4" if canoe has outside gunwale lip).  But there is no such thing as the crossbar being too long for the rowing outriggers to work.


$229 with flat-blade 7-ft. oars

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$249 with spoon oars in either 7-ft. or 7 1/2-ft. length(specify length in comment box of checkout)

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Item 5078 Slding seat for canoe Rowing

Sliding Seat for Canoe Rowing - Allows your legs to do a share of the work.  Go faster, enjoy the addictive smooth rhythmic feeling of sliding-seat rowing.  Using your leg muscles you move your whole body back and forth to help power the oars and extend the length of the oar stroke.  Sits on floor of your canoe.  Requires about 4 feet of open space on floor of your canoe or additional parts to mount at gunwale height if sufficient floor space is not available. We recommend purchase in combination with no-seat rowing package above.  Base is wood over a stiff, non-crumbly, non-squeaky, non-skid foam.  So you just plunk it in the bottom of your canoe and go. Appearance of slider has changed a little from this photo -- it is now a contoured seat and base has natural wood finish. Click for video of sliding seat in action. 


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 Economy Rowing Package    

This is a DIY option.   It includes rowing outriggers and  oars and sockets for the rowing outriggers.   You buy a 1 x 10 board and bolts and bolt the sockets to the board.  The board is also your seat. (Wood not included).  Oars are 7-foot flat-blade oars.   Video of Economy Rowing Package

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plus $18 shipping in lower 48 states

Rowing Accessories (stabilizers, mirrors, etc)


The stabilizers are the kayak-shaped pontoons on each side and the horizontal arms and vertical posts are included.


Pair of Hydrodynamic stabilizer floats for rowing kits.

Order your rowing package above and then add this item to add hydrodynamic stabilizer floats. Stabilizer floats help prevent capsizing.   The floats are very streamlined for low drag and low splash.  They adjust up and down, and in and out, with no tools.   Included in this item are just the floats with their vertical posts and the horizontal arms that slide into the crossbar of the rowing rig.  Float color can be gray, red, yellow, blue or mango.  Please specify in comment section of checkout.  If  you don't specify, we'll assume gray.

Shown in this photo with the yoke seat version of second package above (not included).


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The stabilizers are the cylindrical gray things on each side and the horizontal arms and vertical posts are included.

Pair of Ethafoam stabilizer floats for rowing kit


Order your rowing package (5035 or ???? above) and then add this item to add ethafoam stabilizer floats. Stabilizer floats help prevent capsizing.   The floats adjust up and down, and in and out, with no tools.   Included in this item are just the floats with their vertical posts and the horizontal arms that slide into the crossbar of the rowing rig.   Color is gray.

Shown in this photo with the first rowing package above.


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Above: Rowing mirror on sliding mount for stabilizer arm. (Mirror a)

Below:  Close-up of rowing mirror head.

Below right:  Rowing mirror on it's own crossbar.  Double mirror version also available.  (Mirror c)


Rowing Mirrors 

See where you're going when you're rowing with this large round convex mirror on ball & socket joint. Stainless steel back and unbreakable mirror surface.

  3 mounting options for mirror(s):    

a)  Mirror that mounts on the arm of a stabilizer (purchase stabilizer separately) Includes mirror and sliding mount that locks where you want it along the float arm.

b)  If you don't have stabilizer floats,  we offer a mirror mounted to it's own arm that inserts into the crossbar of a rowing rig and snaps in place. (No picture but it's the same mirror, with mounting as described).

c) Mirror mounted on it's own lightweight single-tube crossbar with small gunwale clamps.  Mount it near the stern of the canoe.  Bar is 42 inches long unless you request otherwise.

d) Two mirrors on one crossbar with gunwale clamps.  Like option c but with mirror on each end.

Note:  Objects closer than they appear.  Do not rely exclusively on mirror vision to navigate.

a) Mirror on sliding mount for stabilizer arm  $59

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b) Mirror on arm that inserts into crossbar where stabilizer would go  $59

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c) Mirror on it's own crossbar with gunwale clamps  $79

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d) Dual mirrors on their own crossbar with gunwale clamps  $109

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Above 16" wheels.  Below 12" wheels


Slip-on wheels.  Slip off your rowing outriggers and slip on these wheels.  They attach to the same crossbar used with the rowing rig or to the Accessory Seat.  Makes your canoe portable on land.

16" wheels are heavy duty, like a contractor's wheelbarrow tire, for easy rolling on rough or soft ground.

Lightweight 12" wheels are more compact and lower cost.


Crossbar or seat not included.

$134/pair with 16" wheels

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$114/pair with 12" wheels

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Individual Components of the Canoe Rowing System  (If you are buying a rowing package, you may not need any of these things individually, but we have a lot of DIY customers, and customers who already own parts of the system because they started with a set of wheels, or a stabilizer, or a sail kit,  so we also list individual components below.)

To enlarge a listing for better viewing, click on the product number in extreme left column.



Click product number to enlarge listing

Pair of Aluminum Oars - Flat blade, with oarpins 
Click for larger imagePair of aluminum-shaft oars with clamp-on oarpins. Shaft snaps apart in middle for easy transport and storage. Rubber grips. Stainless-steel spring button to lock shaft together at joint. Rugged plastic blades. Over-all length is 7 feet. Good for rowing or as steering oars with our sail kits.  This prices if for 2 oars with 2 oarpins.

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Adjustable Rowing Outriggers for Canoe

Gets your oar pivot points farther apart than width of the canoe, for better leverage when rowing. Requires crossbar and gunwale clamps from our canoe stabilizer or canoe sail kit, or can plug into our Accessory Seat. One end of each rowing outrigger snaps into crossbar. Oars, seat, crossbar sold separately. Accepts 1/2" diameter oarpin (same as the pin on our steering oars). If you need crossbar and clamps (i.e., maybe you are getting a sail kit, but don't want the rowing setup to share parts with the sailing setup) they can be ordered separately. 


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5032 Add-on Canoe Seat with low CG, foam seat pad
Click for larger imageAdd a canoe seat quickly and easily with this clamp-on design. Low center of gravity. Good as rowing seat with our rowing attachment, or add a seat anywhere on the canoe for passenger or center-position solo paddling. Telescopes from 32 to 38 inches to fit most canoes (special orders for other widths possible). You sit on durable, comfy ethafoam. With clamps. AKA "Drop-In Seat". From Spring Creek. Made in USA.

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5375 Accessory Seat for Canoe - Accepts Row Arms etc.
Click for larger imageClamp this sturdy comfortable seat onto your canoe. It's side pieces accept snap-in or slip-on accessories like our rowing outriggers, slip-on wheels, leeboards -- even stabilizer floats! 

Eliminates the need for a separate crossbar and gunwale clamps for these accessories. 

Nice wide, cushioned seat bottom and strong enough for heavy people. 

Packages available that include seat and various accessories.

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5067 Yoke Seat for Canoe - After ordering email stating red, blue or brown
Click for larger imageTwo products in one -- it's an add-on seat for your canoe with a comfortable padded cloth sling-type bottom. Turn it over and it's a portaging yoke, to help you carry your canoe on your shoulders, high enough so your head won't bump the floor of the upside-down canoe above it! Width range: 32 - 38 inches. Click Here for More Info ... Specify color in comment section of checkout page (bright red, navy blue, dark brown).

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5068 High Seat SR - Seating Surface For Crossbar Photo click here.
Turns our double-tube crossbar (item 5034) into a seat. Add this seating surface to our canoe stabilizer and now you've got a combination stabilizer and seat. It's a wide, flat, bench seat (7 1/2" x 40"), so it could also be used as a table or workbench afloat. Plug our rowing outriggers (item 5030) into the crossbar underneath and it serves as a great rowing seat -- nice to have the crossbar under you instead of in front of you! This seat cannot be used by itself. It requires the double-tube crossbar under it. Crossbar comes with our stabilizers, or many of our rowing packages. Or can be purchase separately. Photo click here.

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5033 Spoon oars with oarpins
Pair of oars with efficient spoon-shaped blades for use with our canoe rowing outriggers. Please write in comment section of your checkout page specifying 7' or 7.5' length.

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5034 Canoe crossbar and gunwale clamps
Aluminum clamp-on crossbar with two square tubes in it that accept our stabilizer float arms, pop-in leeboard mounts, and/or rowing outriggers. Pre-drilled for the spring-buttons that lock in the attachments. Pair of gunwale clamps included. Standard lengths are 30", 36", 40", 45". Specify length in comment section of checkout. Custom lengths possible. If you have our canoe stabilizer or canoe sail kit, then you already have one of these.

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1007 High Seat - Special add-on canoe seat 
A great canoe sailing or rowing accessory.  Benefits: (1) Gives you a high, wide bench seat so you can easily shift your weight side to side to counterbalance the force of the wind and keep the canoe upright when sailing or doing other things; (2) Lets you put your seat where you want it, to improve bow-to-stern balance, especially good for solo sailing to keep the bow down; (3) puts you up high so knees are lees bent and view is improved.  Also works great as a table or workbench on the water. Approx 7" x 36" . Full page of details Click Here Caution: Use with  stabilizer floats or accept greater risk of capsizing due to higher center of gravity.  Picture comparing seat options.

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5072 Custom-length upcharge for rowing or stabilizer crossbar
Adds $10 to your total cost to cover your request for a custom length  Please state length in comment section of checkout page.

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5087 clamp-on oarlock (clamp-on oarpin)
Click for larger imageClamp-on oarlock for 1 1/4" oar shaft (all of our oars are 1 1/4"). Has 1/2"-diameter pin to go in oarlock socket. Clamps and unclamps with wingnut. Plated steel.

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 "I'm striving to give you the widest assortment of well-made, affordable canoe rowing equipment  on the internet.  I do a lot of rowing myself.  Give me a call or send me an email if you have questions.   You'll get me personally and I'll try my best to help you out." -  Jim (, 1-978-263-7598 or 1-888-JOY SAIL)


Everything we offer in canoe rowing is above this point.   The page continues with more photos and information, but all the crucial information and all the ordering links are above.  Below is just more detail and photos.



Row your canoe! It's faster and less tiring than paddling.  The key to satisfactory canoe rowing is to get the canoe oarlocks far enough from your body to give you decent leverage.  Oarlocks on the gunwales are too close.  So, we offer these rowing outriggers that put the oar pivot points outboard of the canoe.  Our canoe rowlocks can clamp the oar tight -- no more messing up because your oar slipped or rotated!   Buying links for our canoe rowing attachments begin below.


   Jim demonstrates Basic Rowing Package  with Drop-in Seat...  ...then switches to  innovative High Seat SR, which takes up less space in his little 14' canoe.  Available only at SailboatsToGo!
SailboatsToGo offers 5 seat options, 2 float options (or no floats), and rowing mirrors, so you can see where you're going,  and raising blocks so you can adjust the oarlock height for more hand clearance on the return stroke.   Lift blocks and  rowing mirrors are SailboatsToGo exclusives.
All of our oars snap apart in middle for easy transport and storage.

Anthony from New York bought a rowing rig, then left us this voicemail: Read What He Said 

John D. bought a rowing rig then wrote:  "The  rowing  package  is  sweet. It  is  at  least  twice  as  fast  as  paddling  with  less  effort  and  I  love  the  control  that  comes  with  it. You  can  turn  on  a  dime.  I  am  equally  impressed  with ... (continue click here)"

David F. of Ontario told us "I’ve been on the lakes now for a couple of weeks with the canoe rowing kit and I’m loving it.   Glad I got the stabilizer floats for some of this rough water I’ve encountered.

 There’s an old scow  here I also row and I tell you the canoe is almost effortless, especially by comparison.  Good design! "

One rower can easily keep up with similar canoe powered by two paddlers.   Plus, rower can turn on a dime!   Rowing Video (click here if you missed link above)

Great exercise.   Canoes make great rowboats!   Rowing canoe will beat rowboat powered by person of similar strength & skill. Call or email Jim for assistance:  978 263 7598

Our rowing outriggers provide pivot points for the oars that are the right distance from your body for proper leverage.    They put the canoe oarlocks at rowboat width, while your canoe remains at sleek canoe width.  You get best of both worlds! And once you have our canoe rowing attachment, you have some of the pieces that go into our canoe sail rig, which will save you money if and when you get into canoe sailing.     


  Choice of versatile, innovative seats:  At left is the Yoke Seat, a low, padded-cloth seat that becomes a carrying yoke when turned upside down.   Specify blue, red or brown cloth in your email (hue may vary from rendition on your monitor - the red is bright, the blue is navy, the brown is ...brown).  Upper left shows it in seat mode, lower left shows it flipped over for portage yoke mode.


Above right, the High Seat SR lets you perch on top of the crossbar to row, which has 3 great advantages: (1) no crossbar in front so you have more room, especially in shorter canoes,  (2)  the seat can stay clamped to the crossbar when you remove the rig, so next time you set up there is one less step to do -- saves time! -- and (3) it's a great seat for sailing, being 36" wide so you can slide your fanny to the high side and having the crossbar below, so you can install stabilizer floats right where your weight is.


Details on the Rowing Components: 

(1) Oars with oarlocks.  We have spoon-bladed oars, or flat-bladed (same as sail kit steering oar). We have 7' or 7.5' lengths in the spoon-bladed oars.  Flat-bladed oars are approx. 7'.   Spoon oars are more efficient (more propulsion from same effort).  Flat are better if you plan to also use them for sailing (delete oar from sail kit order by email for credit).   What length?   Factors favoring longer:  Canoe deeper than 15", light load, high seat, strong rower, performance-oriented rower, smooth water.  Go faster and work harder with longer oars.  All oars are take-down type (come apart in middle).  Oarlocks are clamping type, so oar won't slip out of position.  1/2" pin diameter.

(2) Rowing outriggers (U-shapped brackets to get the oarlocks farther out from your body).  Need a pair; no decisions to make. In basic package.   All packages except the Economy include our improved Adjustable Rowing Outriggers (though not all pictures have been updated).

(3) Crossbar, with gunwale clamps, to attach the outriggers to your canoe.* One leg of each outrigger plugs into the end of the crossbar and locks in place with a spring button.  There are two square tubes in a standard crossbar, so that the same crossbar can also accept the arms of the stabilizer floats.  We also offer a single-tube crossbar.   Specify crossbar length:  30", 36", 40", 45" or a custom length.  Minimm length:  For most canoes, measure width at widest point (outside to outside) and round up to nearest standard length.  For Coleman, Pelican and a few others that only have a good runwale lip on the outside and little or no lip inside the cockpit add 4" before rounding up.   All same price except custom length $10 more . 

(4) Stabilizer floats on telescoping arms (optional) to prevent tipping over.  We offer 2 float options, "ethafoam" solid  resilient foam (lighter, shorter, lower price) and "hydrodynamic" more streamlined, hollow plastic  (a "must have" upgrade for sailing or motoring, great for rowing or paddling too).* 

(5) Mirror (optional), so you can see where you're going when rowing backwards (backwards rowing is far more efficient use of your muscles). 


*If you have our canoe stabilizer, then you have items 3 & 4 from the above list. 


Inflatable Sailboat Page





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