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Versatility and Compatability:   Our rowing rigs, sail kits, and accessories  can share components.  The crossbar in our sail kit or stabilizer works with our rowing outriggers. The sail kit steering oar is the same as our flat-blade rowing oar.    The rowing rigs accept our stabilizer floats, portage wheels, or leeboards.

Portability and Ease of use:   Oars snap apart in the middle for greater portability.  Rowing outriggers snap in and out of crossbar and clamp to canoe gunwales. Crossbar, seat, mirrors, wheels -- all are easy on, easy off, requiring no tools.

Benefits:  Rowing  is great exercise and  is faster than paddling.   Rowing enhances control, especially when solo.   





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Rowing Packages

The Base Rowing Package (no seat)

This package works with your canoe seats or any of our add-on seats (scroll way down). Our adjustable rowing outriggers let you adjust the rowing span to your preference!

 Includes crossbar, rowing outriggers, oars, oarpins and clamps. No tools needed. Easy-on/off attaching with clamps provided. Crossbar also can accept wheels,  and stabilizers.

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With 7' Flat Oars (see price)

With 7.5' Spoon Oars (see price)  

Click Here for item to substitute non-adjustable outriggers (see price)

Base Package Components

Consider combining with our  sliding seat!

Consider adding a Rowing Mirror or other accessory.

Buy Parts One At A Time


Rowing Package with Accessory Seat

Low center of gravity, adjustable width, foam cushion, and strong!  You can also connect portage wheels, stabilizer pontoon outriggers, or leeboards along with the rowing outriggers. 

With 7' Flat Oars (see price)

With 7.5' Spoon Oars(see price) .

Add this to substitute non-adjustable outriggers (see price)

Accessory Seat Rowing Package

Video on The Accessory Seat

Video clip of rowing with this package

Base Rowing Package plus Drop in Seat 

Low center of gravity for stability, completely no-tool installation and padded seat. Includes crossbar, gunwale clamps, adjustable rowing outriggers, oarpins, and oars.

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With 7' Flat Oars

With 7.5' Spoon Oars


Drop-in Seat Rowing Package


Includes the Base Rowing Package plus this clamp-on drop-in seat.

Heavy-Duty Rowing Package

Same as above but with fixed-span (non-adjustable) rowing outriggers.  The adjustable ones are plenty rugged for most rowers, but if you want the strongest and most durable rowing gear, get this package. It costs a bit more and doesn't offer quite the convenience of the adjustable outriggers, but it's more durable if you're going to row the length of the Mississippi or something. Also available with Accessory Seat instead (stronger than drop-in seat) at same price.  Just request that change in your order comments during checkout.

With 7.5' spoon oars (see price) 

Optional lift blocks (<=click) raise  oarlock sockets 

Heavy Duty Rowing Package

Economy Rowing Package

This is a DIY option.   It includes rowing outriggers and oars and sockets for the rowing outriggers. You buy a 1 x 10 board and bolts and bolt the sockets to the board. The board is also your seat.

Includes our non-adjustable rowing outriggers as shown .

With 7' Flat Oars (see price)




These seats all work with our Base Rowing Package

The Accessory Seat 

Lets you connect portage wheels, rowing outriggers, stabilizer pontoon outriggers, or leeboards directly into its side pieces.  

In addition it is a lowered seat for low center of gravity. Adjustable width. Foam Cushion. Strong.

More Info (see price)

Sliding Seat

 Go faster and get a full body workout (legs, hips, upper body).  52 inches long and just 14 pounds light.  Components to convert to home exercise machine with resistance included.  Smooth, quiet and durable.  

More info (see price)

The Oak High Seat

Clamps to the gunwales of your canoe to let you easily slide from side to side! 

More Info (see price)

The Crossbar Seat

Flat seat with cushion, about 8" x 14".   Mounts to same crossbar as included with our stabilizers, sail kits, and our base rowing package.  Seat only.  Buy crossbar and clamps separately if needed 

More Info (see price)


The Drop-in Seat

Telescopes from 32 to 38 inches to fit most canoes.  Seat is made of durable, comfy ethafoam.

More Info (see price)



Yoke Seat.

Doubles as a Yoke for carrying your canoe!

More Info (see price)






Stablilizer Floats


Stabilizer floats help prevent capsizing. The hard plastic floats are very streamlined for low drag and low splash.  They adjust up and down, and in and out, with no tools and simply slide into the crossbar of the rowing rig.

More Info (see price)

Kayak-shaped pontoons on each side. Shown in Gray, can also be red, yellow. blue, or mango.

Portage Wheels

Slip off your rowing outriggers and slip on these wheels.  They attach to the same crossbar used with the rowing rig or the Accessory Seat.  Makes your canoe portable on land.

16" wheels are heavy duty, like a contractor's wheelbarrow tire, for easy rolling on rough or soft ground.

Lightweight 12" wheels are more compact and lower cost.

16" Wheels (see price)

12" Wheels (see price)


Shown with 12" wheel

16" wheels

12" wheels

Snap-in Leeboards

More Info (see price)



Rowing Mirrors

See where you're going when you're rowing with this large round convex adjustable mirror on ball & socket joint. Stainless steel back and unbreakable mirror surface.

Three verions:

(click to see price)

Standard Mount - 1 Mirror

Standard Mount - 2 Mirrors

Stabilizer Arm Mount


Same as our sail kit bag, but also great for rowing rig, even with pontoons, with room to spare.   Strong fabric and strong zipper.  Color may be different.  12 x 12 x 48 inches.

More Info (see price)


Individual Rowing Components

Adjustable Rowing Outriggers

Gets your oar pivot points farther apart than width of the canoe, for better leverage when rowing. Requires crossbar and gunwale clamps from our canoe stabilizer or canoe sail kit, or can plug into our Accessory Seat.

More Info (see price)

Non-adjustable Rowing Outriggers

These outriggers arms also get your oar pivot points farther apart, but aren't adjustable.

More Info (see price)

Non adjustrable Rowing Outriggers shown with complete Drop-in Seat Rowing Rig.

Spoon Oars with Oarpins

Pair of oars with efficient spoon-shaped blades for use with our canoe rowing outriggers

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7.5' Oar length


Flat Blade Oars

 Pair of oars with efficient snap-apart design for easy transport and storage. Stainless-steel spring button to lock shaft together at joint. Rubber grips. Rugged plastic blades. Over-all length is 7 feet

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One Oar with oarpin and strap

Two Oars with oarpins and straps

Oar only, no oarpin or strap




Clamp-on Oarlocks


Clamp-on oarlock for 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" oar shafts.

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More Info


Gunwale Clamps

For clamping crossbars to your canoe.

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More Info



Aluminum crossbar with two square tubes in it that accept our stabilizer float arms, pop-in leeboard mounts, and/or rowing outriggers. Pre-drilled for the spring-buttons that lock in the attachments.

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with gunwale clamps

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without gunwale clamps

More Info





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