Details of Our Old-Style Canoe Rowing Outriggers


Most customers will want our new-style adjustable rowing outriggers.   But if the simplicity of the old style appeals to you, here they are!

The old-style rowing outriggers are 15 inches wide, outside to outside.

One leg plugs into the crossbar. The other leg we call the "free leg."   The unit is about 15 inches wide.

This picture is a little out of date.  Design of the rowing bushing (socket that accepts oarpin at top of picture) has changed.  See photo two panels below for updated image.

The outrigger puts the oarlock socket about 12" outboard of the end of the crossbar.  The total length of the "free" leg of the outrigger is 18 inches.

Adjustable extensions are available if you want to be able to increase this length.  With extensions, you can use a longer crossbar and let it overhang the gunwale, to get the oarlocks even further apart.

Request extension in comment section of your checkout page.   There will be a $25 additional charge and a delay before shipment if you request extension.

The free leg of the rowing outriggers returns to the gunwale and is clamped to the gunwale.

The other leg plugs into the crossbar.  The crossbar can be up to 8" longer than the width of the canoe.

Photo at left illustrates the current design of rowing bushings (the black part) and the optional lift blocks we sell if you want bushing mounted higher for more clearance between your knuckles and your knees on return stroke.

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