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Snark Sailboats:  Super Light, Super Fun!  

More people have learned to sail on Snark boats than any other boat.
Easy to sail, very portable, durable, and affordable!

This is the page for ordering a boat.  See add-to-cart links in left column below.

Boat is shipped to your door.  Shipping is put out to bid after you order.  Expect $400 - $1000.  You can cancel if bids are too high.  Or you can drive to the factory (near Toledo, OH) and pick up yourself after ordering and paying.

Be patient.  The process will take weeks at least.

Replacement Sails        Parts

Limited Availability (updated July 26, 2023):   Snarks are not yet back in production, but they have some factory seconds on hand at the factory that they are slowly going through to pick out the ones that are good enough to sell.  The price is $1950 for a Sunflower or $1550 for a Super Snark, shipping not included.  Only order if you will be patient and kind to us as we do our best to pry these boats loose at the factory, arrange shipping and get them out to customers.  You will be charged only a refundable $100 deposit at this time when you click "Buy Now" below.   The minor defect(s) that make your boat a second will be described to you before shipment and you will have the option to decline.  The defects are cosmetic and minor.  We've had no complaints about them.

New production is going to resume someday, but nobody knows when -- as in what year.  The factory continues to take baby steps in that direction, buying parts and materials and getting production machinery ready.

 We have many other portable sailboats available for your consideration.  Please click here.


Super Snark Factory Second Deposit

Full price $1550 plus shipping

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We will contact you about shipping cost.

Typically $400 - $1000 

 See "availability" note above

All our Snark boats feature ABS ArmorcladTM polymer cladding on a lightweight styrofoam core.  Unsinkable.   Accomodates two people (310 lbs)  and comes with all the riggings.   Just throw it on your cartop and head for the water.  Hull is 11 feet long, 3' 2" wide;  whole boat weighs just 50 lbs. Sail area is 45 square feet.  Hull only is 43 lbs.

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Super Snark with our rainbow stripes sail. 

Super Snark Specifications

Optional Splash Deck


Factory Second Deposit


Full price $1950 plus shipping:

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See "availability" note above

Optional Center Seat
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We will contact you about shipping cost.

Typically $400 - $1000


Similar to Super Snark, but sail area is 55 square feet for greater speed.  Also, Sunflower has a covered foredeck, while Super Snark is completely open.   Length 11 feet.  Beam 3' 6".   Weight 65 lbs.

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Sunflower 3.3 with our Neil Pryde "Spring" dacron sail

Sunflower Specifications

Note weight of 50 lbs is hull only.

Sea Skimmer


Not Available this year.

send us an email to be notified when they are:


We will contact you about shipping cost.

Typically $400-$800

More sail area (70 sq ft), with a separate jib and mainsail.   More carrying capacity - 3 people, 475 lbs. Still very light weight and car-toppable at 55 lbs.

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Note:  Sometimes there are long wait times for this boat so give us a call if you want info on current availability.

Sea Skimmer Specifications

Sunchaser I

Not available this year.  You can send us an email to be notified when they are in some future year.




The Sunchaser I has a 72-square-foot lateen sail.   The lateen sail's advantage is that it is very easy to use, very easy to rig, and very easy to raise and lower. With just one sail to handle, it's very easy to sail.

Comfortable seating space for 4 adults.

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Sunchaser I Specifications

Sunchaser II


Not available this year.  You can send us an email to be notified when they are in some future year.


For those who want more speed, the fun of handling 2 sails, and don't mind the extra steps involved in setting up a sloop rig.

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Sunchaser II Specifications

*Snark Boat Terms:  Not returnable. Defects covered by manufacturer's warranty. Delivery dates are estimates only.  Do not sign for your boat until you have determined there is no shipping damage.  Refuse delivery if damaged

Sail Swap!  Only at SailboatsToGo: Visit our Sail Swap page to select your sail if you want to when buying a boat.  Or, for additional cost, you can upgrade to a white dacron sail or one of our premium Neil Pryde sails. Sail swap and white dacron upgrade offers apply only to new purchases of Super Snark or Sunflower from SailboatsToGo..

“Snarks are so simple and fun to sail, but teach us worlds about working boat and wind together.  I will admit, however, my favorite thing about the Snark is that I can decide to go for a sail on a lake 10 minutes from my door, and 15 minutes later I'm on the water.  It is not a big event to go- so I go often.” John B. (Nov. 2010)


Why you should buy your Super Snark or Sunflower from   At SailboatsToGo, LLC all customer contct is handled personally by the owners, Jim Luckett and Rob Michael.  You know you will get good advice, accurate information and expert service, because Jim and Rob are sailing enthusiasts, first and foremost.   "Portable sailboats are my passion!" -- Jim Luckett


Snark Upgrades and Accessories


Neil Pryde Sail Upgrade. Substitute the standard sail for one from sailmaker Neil Pryde. Four color schemes to choose from.
White Dacron Sail upgrade. Substitute our white dacron sail for the standard sail that comes with your Snark.
Stabilizer Pontoons. To reduce the risk of capsizing. 
Roof Racks. With telescoping extension to make it even easier to get your Snark on and off your car roof.
Rowing Rig. Converts your sunflower or Super Snark to a rowing shell!
Portage Cart.  Lightweight folding hand trailer. Comes apart and folds compactly in less than a minute!

Sail, Boom and Mast Bag

Bag for car topping and storing the sail and all the poles (mast, boom and top spar) for Super Snark, Sunflower, Sea Skimmer.

Mast Extension for More Headroom under the Boom

Slip this on top of your Super Snark mast and get 6 inches more headroom under the boom!

Also see Adjustable Mast Extension for same or greater mast height increase.

     Mast Ext. or Adjustable Mast Ext.

Cover for Sunflower, Super Snark or Sea Skimmer to protect hull from destructive UV rays and keep it clean. 


Includes built-in red flag for going down the road and the flag is also a bag for self-storage of the cover. 



Optional Center Seat for Sunflower:
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Optional Splash Deck for Super Snark 

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Snark Sailboat History

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