Sail Swap

 Only SailboatsToGo lets you choose your sail when you buy a new Snark*.  The "Sail Swap" process is quick and easy.  

You can pick from any of our seven styles shown below. The only cost is your postage cost to return the manufacturer's sail to us, about $5 to $7.  Two types of dacron sail upgrades also available.  (Not buying a new boat today?  You're on the wrong page.   Got to

Easy as 1-2, not even a 3!  Here's how it works:

1.   Order a Super Snark or Sunflower from SailboatsToGo.

2. Pick which sail you want using the no-charge links below and add it to your cart along with your Snark sailboat. We will ship our sail to you promptly when availability of your boat is confirmed by the factory.

3. When you receive your Snark, take the sail that it comes with to the post office. They will have a Priority Mail tyvek envelope available for free. Send the sail in the Tyvek envelope to our address (SailboatsToGo LLC, 23 Pine Vale Road  Waltham, MA 02451). The post office will collect postage from you, about $5 to $7 in the continental US.  ONLY NEW, UNUSED SAILS SENT BY BUYERS OF NEW BOATS FROM US QUALIFY FOR THE SAIL SWAP.

We also offer sail upgrades that allow you to get a dacron sail at a deeply discounted price. Same as with Sail Swap, you pick the dacron sail you want and send us back the sail that comes from the manufacturer.  To see our dacron sail upgrades, click here. They appear below the Sail Swap sails and come in white and 2 colors patterns for the Super Snark and 4 color patterns for the Sunflower. Our color dacron sails are manufacturered for us by Neil Pryde International, a premium quality sailmaker. 

*Applies only to Super Snark and Sunflower purchases from SailboatsToGo.

Sail Swap Nylon Sails

 Rainbow Stripes.  Select this sail  (Sail D)

 Blue Stripes: light/dark blue panels. Select this sail  (Sail B)

Spring.  Select this sail (Sail F)

 Summer: Yellow/White.  Select this sail  (Sail C)  No need to do a sail swap on a Sunflower if you want this sail.  Sunflowers come with yellow/white striped sail standard.  The Sunflower sail does have  the words "Sunflower 3.3" in 6-inch high lettering at the bottom toward the back.  If you object to this lettering, then a sail swap would get you one that did not say "Sunflower 3.3."

 Zowie. Select this sail  (Sail E)

 Pirate. Arrrr Matey!  Select this sail  (Sail P)

The Classic White.  Select this sail  (Sail A)


Dacron Upgrade Sails


This is a house brand sail (not Neil Pryde) but still very good quality.  As compared to nylon, dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material so the sail will hold its shape and not belly out in strong winds.  More Pictures and info click here.


 Classic White Dacron - $29 Upgrade. Add to Cart



Dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material than nylon.  A Dacron sail will hold its shape and not stretch out in strong winds.  It's also a heavier material and therefore stronger, as compared to nylon.   Neil Pryde is a widely-respected sail maker, known for quality workmanship.  You will be impressed with the extra heavy stitching on these sails, done with the greatest attention to detail.

Please note: Pastel Corners and Candy Stripes Red/White are available in sizes for both the Super Snark and the Sunflower. Blue/Gray stripes and Spring are only available in the size to fit the Sunflower.


  Pastel Corners ("Joy")  $79 Upgrade.  Add to Cart

  Candy Stripes Red/White  $79 Upgrade.  Add to Cart

 Blue/Gray Stripes. SUNFLOWER ONLY $79 Upgrade. Add to Cart

  Spring!  SUNFLOWER ONLY $79 Upgrade. Add to Cart


For more information on each of the models: Super Snark  Sunflower   Sea Skimmer   Sunchaser I   Sunchaser II


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