Stabilizer Floats

Clamp-on Canoe Stabilizers

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Floats Adjust In & Out, Up & Down

Square Post Design
Optional Square Post Design

Our exclusive square post design effortlessly points the floats straight ahead and reliably keeps them parallel.

Star knobs instead of lever locks make vertical adjustment easy!

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Fits any canoe
Clamp-on Design Fits Any Canoe

Crossbars come in 3 lengths (36", 40", 46") to fit even the widest canoes.

Gunwale clamps can be inboard or outboard, to match your gunwale lip.
(Add 4" to crossbar length for canoes with an outboard gunwale lip.)

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Adjustable width
Adjustable width for versatility

Adjustable float arms allow you to spread the floats out over 7' wide for maximum stability.

...or bring them in right up against the hull to get through a tight spot.

Two Float Types to Choose From!

Adjustable width
Rigid hydrodynamic floats

Rigid floats have the most efficient hydrodynamic shape, narrowest profile, and are puncture proof.

These are available either with the round post design with lever locks, or with our square post upgrade.

Adjustable width
Inflatable floats

Inflatable floats provide excellent flotation, and are very lightweight, and take up very little room when deflated.

These floats come equipped with our exclusive square post design for one-handed vertical adjustment.

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Important Safety Note:
Stabilizers greatly enhance your safety but there is always risk of injury or death when you are on the water. Please always wear a personal flotation device, and learn the rules of safe boating to reduce your risk.