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Many models available for Mad River Adventure.  Check descriptions below.

Safety Notes:  

  • Enjoy motoring but don't flip over it!  Stabilizers help you keep yourself right-side-up.
  • Set motor trim angle right for safety and efficiency.
  • Sticking your nose up in the air goeth before a fall. Put some weight in the bow to reduce risk. A balanced boat is a safer boat.
  • For MyCanoe owners, be sure to ask for special version in your order comments.


Canoe Motor Mounts

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Any Length Motor Mount

This all-aluminum canoe motor mount is sturdy and versatile.  Our most rigid. Available in many different lengths so it can span a wide canoe. With optional mounting holes, crossbar can accept accessories including stabilizer floats, leeboards, or portage wheels.  Have a Mad River Adventure?  Request compatible clamps,  Have a MyCanoe? Request strap.

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"Best Motor Mount I Ever Tried"
(customer review of Any Length)

"I used this motor mount today on my old town tripper canoe ,with a 40lb thrust minkota endura max . It is extremely strong , There was no flex ,at all , the clamp worked great very secure ,they did not loosen at even with the motor at full power. 20 years ago I bought my first trolling motor for this canoe , but after trying several mounts, out of frustration i made my own . 20 years later my mount is showing its age , and i saw this one -- FANTASTIC! I don't have to make a new one! . Simple design, fast to install , lightweight , yet incredibly strong at a great price !"


Canoe Motor Mount

Reduces clutter on your canoe.  installs and removes by just one top-mounted clamping knob.

Fits only canoes with thick vinyl gunwales such as most Old Town and Mad River. Elecric only.

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Hinged Motor Mount

"The Flipper"

Features a hinged block to help protect your motor, motor mount and canoe if your trolling motor hits something underwater. All metal, all corrosion resistant.  Accepts our slip-on wheels and our stabilizer floats.

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Super Strong Motor Mount

Rigid "Super Strong" for both trolling motors and gas motors. Block is angled forward to offset the angle of a steeply rising gunwale found on some canoes, but will work on level gunwale as well using the angle adjustment of your motor.  Very well made and more rigid than most, but our most rigid model is the Any Length (at top, above)

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Optional Mount Extension

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Also known at the 
"Double Block" Motor Mount




We can make ithe Super Strong, the Hinged and the Any Length models compatible with the Mad River Adventure. Request in comment space during checkout.  Only the Adventure models needs this.  Other Mad River canoes take standard clamps.



Any Length Motor Mount with Stabilizers

Our Any Length Motor Mount with Hydrodynamic Stabilizers to help keep your canoe from flipping. Floats adjust up and down and in and out

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Ash Motor Mount

Beautiful and economical reinforced wood motor mount for your canoe. Trolling motors only. Ash wood, stainless steel clamps, phenolic knobs. Made in USA.

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Snap In Motor Mount

Snaps into end of our canoe stabilizer crossbar or front crossbar of sail kit. Works best when mounted in the front or rear. (If mounted in the middle, you won't have good steering control unless you put a leeboard up front.)

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  Stabilizers help you keep yourself right-side-up!  Greatly reduces canoe motoring risk.



Please note:  Only use motors approved for use with your dinghy by the dinghy manufacturer.

Motor Mount for Intex Inflatables

Fits Mariners, Seahawks from 2005 on and the Excursion

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Motor Mount for Navigator, Jilong, Solstice. Cheyenne, Atol Boats

For Jilong and Red Star boats such as the Navigator II 500 and Navigator III 400, Cheyenne and Atol.  Also Solstice Quest.

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Snap In Motor Mount

Snaps into end of the crossbar of our canoe stabilizers or front crossbar of our Dinghy sail kit. 

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Clamps to Sail Inflatable with Motor Mount

Motor mounts use the same fittings we use for normal attachment of the steering oar unit, so trying to use both at once presents a conflict. This item resolves that conflict

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Electric motor, battery, charger, and power meter to power your dinghy when the winds won’t.

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Extension for our Super Strong and Hinged Motor Mounts

Fits only on the Super Strong and Hinged Motor Mounts.  With the extension you can move the motor mount foward on your canoe. Most canoe motor mounts won't accomodate the width of a canoe anywhere but very close to the stern. This extension allows these motor mounts to go up to 30 inches wide.

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Clamps for Canoe Motor Mounts or DIY projects

Pair of Clamping jaws, bolt and star-knob nut to replace a lost or damaged set of gunwale clamps on our Super Strong or Hinged canoe motor mounts.  Free Shipping!

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Portage Wheels

Slip on these wheels into your Any Length Motor Mount crossbar's channels.  Makes your canoe portable on land.  (If you don't have the Any Length Motor Mount, add the Crossbar with Clamps or our Accessory Seat.)

16" wheels are heavy duty, like a contractor's wheelbarrow tire, for easy rolling on rough or soft ground.

Lightweight 12" wheels are more compact and lower cost.

16" Wheels

12" Wheels

Crossbar with Clamps

Accessory Seat


Shown with 12" wheel

16" wheels (shown with it's own crossbar)

12" wheels (shown installed in our accessory seat)

Leeboards with Moveable Mount

Clamp these leeboards onto your canoe near the front to help you go straight. One on each side. Leeboards are large fins in the water. Crossbar is telescoping so you can adjust the length to fit width of your canoe at any point. (Note:  Leeboard blade appearance has changed.  See next photo for more up-to-date photo of blade design)

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Snap-in Leeboards

For our Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount, these snap into either of the crossbar's two accessory channels. Helps you go straight.  

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