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Clamps for Canoe Motor Mounts or DIY projects (1 pair)
Item #: 5090

product_image Clamping jaws, bolt and star-knob nut to replace a lost or damaged set of gunwale clamps on our Super Strong or Hinged canoe motor mounts. These are also popular components for do-it-yourselfers who need a clamp to attach any kind of crossbar to a canoe or dinghy. These clamps work by reaching under the gunwale lip and clamping the crossbar down to the gunwale. There must be a slot in the crossbar for their bolts to go through. Very strong and corrosion-resistant. Although you see a section of a crossbar in the photo, it is not included. This item is just 2 jaws, 2 bolts and 2 star-knob nuts.

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