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Outrigger floats to help keep you right side up!


Canoe, Kayak, SUP* and Snark

*for SUP order canoe and specify SUP in order comments. Picture is below, way, way down, at end of canoe section


Hydrodynamic Stabilizers under Sail

Now you can choose the more convenient and secure square-post upgrade!  Sold only by us!  Details below.


Stay Upright!

Positive feedback rating "Very good quality product works great now I can take my dogs with me! Thank you! -- Customer message    

Canoe Stabilizer


Fits All Canoes - We ship worldwide (see very bottom of page) - In Stock Ready To Ship Despite the Epidemic!

Now Available With Our Exlusive SQUARE POST Option! 

 Put a square post in a square hole and what do you get?  Floats that are automatically and permanently aligned to point straight ahead and be parallel to each other.   Plus, you get convenient one-hand. low-effort locking and unlocking of the vertical adjustment. 

If you already have floats and want just the square-post converters and the float arms with square clamp to convert yours: Click Here

The new Square Post option for Hydrodynamic Stabilizers makes vertical adjustment easier and holds the floats straight.  More info

Compact Lower Cost Very High Quality Inflatabile Stabilizers also available: More Info

We ship worldwide at additional cost.  

Questions: Jim@SailboatsToGo.com 1 978 263 7598

Hydrodynamic (rigid) Stabilizers come in three colors:  Red, Yellow and Grey.  Specify color in order comments space during checkout

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Click for Explanations:  Post Shape  Crossbar Length


36-inch Crossbar  40-inch Crossbar 45-inch Crossbar


Post, Rigid Float:  

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$369 & $20 shipping 

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$369 & $20 shipping

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$369 & $25 shipping 


Post, Rigid Float:  

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$419 & $25 shipping

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$419 & $25 shipping

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$419 & $25 shipping


Post Inflatable Float:

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$269 & $15 shipping

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$269 & $15 shipping

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$269 & $15 shipping

For Rigid, Specify float color (Red, Yellow or Grey) in order comments during checkout.   If you don't specify, we'll send grey.  For inflatable, only color is white.   Square-post system orders will generally be fulfilled in 2 shipments:  One from Minnesota and one from Massachusetts.  If you want it all shipped from Massachusetts there is a $20 additional charge.

Already have Spring Creek floats and want to convert to square posts and arms, buy this:   Item 1037 Square Post Conversion Kit

A favorite for hunting, fishing, sailing, rowing, or paddling with kids or dog in the boat.   Pontoon floats on telescoping outrigger arms to prevent tipping. Lever locks lock the up-down adjustment for round post.  Easier star-knob clamps lock it for square post.

Sailing, fishing or just messing around, you want to stay rightside up but you have limited time, space and patience, so your canoe stabilizer has to be simple, strong, versatile, convenient and highly effective.  Our floats slide in, out, up and down and lock where you want them.  Canoe stabilizer clamps onto any canoe in just a few minutes. Mountable at the bow, middle, stern or in between.  Gunwale clamps slide together or apart to adapt to canoe width.

The system accepts accessories like wheels, a bench seat, sail kit, rowing attachment -- all sold by us.  Compatible with Spring Creek (maker of the rigid pontoons).  Many accessories are listed much lower on this page.

Fits any canoe, just tell us your canoe brand and maximum width in comments section of cart. More sizing info

More info, pictures, and videos.

New: SportsPal Canoes!

We now offer SportsPal high quality lightweight canoes. Buy a SportsPal Canoe from us and save 10% on your stabilizer purchased at the same time.


Custom-Length Crossbar


Click link below to order a custom length crossbar instead of any of the standard lengths.    Use order comment space to tell us what length you need.  Also order a stabililzer, any length.  This item and your order comment will override the crossbar length.  Questions:  978-263-7598


Custom Length Crossbar 

Use the order comments space during checkout to tell us size and color (or anything else).




Regular clamps won't work on the Mad River Adventure Canoe or Native Watercraft Ultimate; add this item to substitute specially designed clamps for the standard clamps.

More Info


Nylon mesh bag with end zipper and shoulder strap.  Fits any style stabilizer EXCEPT a 45" crossbar with NOT fit. 

$40 and Free Shipping of the bag with Stabilizer order.
($10 charged if purchased separately)

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Custom-length upcharge for  stabilizer crossbar -  You can specify any of our standard lengths at no extra charge (30", 36", 40" or 45").  Just say what length crossbar you want in the comment space during checkout. Over 47" will also incur additional shipping charge, which we will contact you about once we have your order.

Standard lengths work on most canoes because it is okay to have a little bit of overhang.  If you want a custom length, even one that is longer than 45 inches, it's  $50 extra.  Add this item to your order and tell us the exact length you want in the comment space during checkout.   We have certain "custom" lengths on the shelf, so they would have a quicker turnaround:  50", 55" and 60".   We can also do longer crossbars in a snap-together assembly.  The snap-joint is super strong -- don't worry about that.   The advantages are (1) no extra shipping cost  (2) more convenient for you to store and transport.   Off-the-shelf snap-together length would be any combination of 2 standard lengths, for example, two 30" make a 60".   A 30" and a 36" make a 66", etc.   Any of these is just one custom-length upcharge.  If you combine something longer than 45" with a standard one that's under, then that's two custom-length upcharges.


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Order 36" roundpost Canoe stabilizer and specify SUP in order comments.  Same price and shipping.  SUP stabilizer has suction cup feet plus strap that goes all the way under the board from one side to the other, so it is very secure.  Also, it has shorter vertical rods.  Square post not available.  Only available in 36" crossbar length. You can use this link:  Add to Cart   PLEASE remember to put "SUP stabiliizer" in the order comments or else you will get a canoe stabilizer!


Stay right side up!.  Pontoons on telescoping arms with easy-on, easy-off pin release to make installation and removal fast and easy. Rugged: The floats are roto-molded using the same techniques and materials as most kayaks nowadays.  Adjustable in and out and up and down.  Easy installation. Two little brackets remain on the deck but rest of system removes with just two pins. 

More info, pictures, and videos.


Streamlined rigid plastic to be highly efficient through water. Adjustable height and width, can be set to be in or above the water.  Mount on rear deck or front, far enough from cockpit to be out of the way of your paddle stroke.


Round Post Style $449:  Add to Cart

Square Post* Style $499:   Add to Cart

*The new Square Post option makes vertical adjustment easier and holds the floats straight more easily.  More info.

Call or email for other countries  1 978 263 7598 Jim@SailboatsToGo.com

"Works great!  ... everything fits and mounted nicely on my fiberglass/Kevlar/carbon boat...  Super stable.   A real game changer and makes the boat a breeze to keep steady."--Customer pictured above



Nylon bag with full-length zipper and shopping-bag style carrying handles made of webbing that goes all the way under and around twice.  Fits any style stabilizer. $35

Free Shipping of the bag with Stabilizer order.
($12 charged if purchased separately)

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Greatly reduce risk of capsizing and increase feeling of security. Hydrodynamic streamlined stabilizer floats and anodized aluminum hardware. Attaches in 2 minutes using 2 straps (included). No drilling or other modification to your boat.


Specially adapted for Snarks and Sunflowers with a cushioned strap-on attachment system. 5 year warranty. Priced same as canoe stabilizer.

More Info


Call or email for other countries


Nylon bag with full-length zipper and shopping-bag style carrying handles made of webbing that goes all the way under and around twice.  Fits any style stabilizer.

$35 and Free Shipping of the bag with Stabilizer order.
($12 charged if purchased separately)

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ACCESSORIES  -  Click the "More Info" links to see prices and other details


Provides about 45 lbs of flotation. Helps keep your canoe from sinking if it becomes totally swamped or capsized.

More Info


Strong, light, corrosion-proof, high ground clearance, big easy-rolling wheels, easy loading, easy folding, compact cart.

Cart with 12" Wheels

Cart with 16" Wheels


These wheels attach to our stabilizer or sail kit crossbar so you can roll your canoe or kayak to or from the water.

Slip-on 12" Wheels

Slip-on 16" Wheels


Includes just the pontoons (floats) and the vertical float tubes for the hyrdrodynamic stabilizer system

More Info



Includes just the pontoons and the arms that snap into the crossbar. For sail kit owners and others that already have a crossbar.

More Info


Extend the spread between your stabilizer floats with our Link Arms adaptor and an extension float arm. Can be used with all our 2 float and 4 float stabilizer systems. 

More Info


Leeboards that snap into your crossbar -- use with or without stabilizers at same time. Reduces drift from crosswind.

More Info


Use in canoe and on shore - great  back support.  Lower center of gravity stabilizes canoe.  Beautiful ash frame.  Folds flat, just 7 lbs.

More Info


Back support!  Internal fiberglass rods.  15 inches high.  The best of this type of product.  Add to your backless canoe seat.   Secures with straps.

More Info

Crossbar Seat

Bench Seat - 8" x 14"  attaches to crossbar  of your stabilizer (crossbar not included but).

More Info (and price)


Bolt  to wall, indoors or out. Supports 1 canoe as shown or 2 kayaks on edge. When not in use, horizontal arm folds up. Rustproof.

More Info


Removes 8 gallons/minute from your boat.

More Info


Oversized heavy duty bag measures 48 x 12 x 12 inches

More Info




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