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Electric Motor Package includes battery and charger
Item #: 5057

product_image Electric motor package designed for convenience when motoring distances planned are moderate. Includes a Minn Kota 30-lb thrust electric trolling motor (or Newport Vessels 36-lb) and a rechargeable power pack with built-in charger and power meter and carry handle. (If Minn Kota is not available we may substitute Newport Vessells 36-lb-thrust equivalent).

Contrast this package to the norm: Ordinarily, you buy a motor, then a battery. a charger and battery box. Our package is complete in one purchase and more convenient to carry, store, charge and live with in your boat.

With this package, the battery is thin and tall and can easily be strapped to a canoe thwart or inflatable-boat grab line (strap included), is not so heavy (20 lbs), has built in charger for AC; also has cord that lets you charge while you drive from car cigarette lighter. Battery unit has built-in power meter, and is in a sealed case - no worry ever about spilling battery acid! Yet it has enough power to take you 2 miles on one charge (20 amp-hour) in a small boat, under average conditions.

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Want 4-mile range? Buy a second power pack (next item). One charge on one battery (about 5 cents worth of electricity) will allow you to cruise for an hour on the "3" setting (out of 5) on the speed control. Power pack is a truck jump starter and will also start your car in an emergency using its included cables. Has accessory output (cigarette lighter style socket). Motor is light (22 lbs), quiet, smooth, powerful; has 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, extending tiller, and plenty of power for canoe or inflatable. No smell, no noise, no gasoline fumes or hazards in your boat or car. Use of motor in salt water will void warranty, but if you rinse salt off thoroughly after each use you can get away with it.

For a true salt water package with longer range and more power order these three items instead: item 5113 motor, and item 5139 battery box and item 5349 battery.

Click arrow twice to play video !! Motor mount for your canoe or inflatable sold separately (not included). Telescoping handle on motor adjusts from about 10 to 15 inches.

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