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The clamps secure the motor mount to your canoe by reaching under the lip of your canoe with the bottom part of the clamp and clamping the crossbar down firmly to the top surface of your canoe gunwales.   It is very important that clamps be rigid (stiff, strong) or else they can loosen up as the canoe flexes and bumps and the strain put on them by the motor varies.  These motor mounts have extremely beefy clamps for great rigidity and strength.   The canoe gunwale lip can be on the inside (e.g., Old Town) or outside (e.g., Pelican, Coleman) and this motor mount will work equally well.


Crossbar is a full 3/8" thick of solid aluminum.
Wood block on the Super Strong Motor Mount is over an inch thick and nicely varnished.

Top view of the Super Strong canoe motor mount.

Side view of the Super Strong canoe motor mount.



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Aluminum motor mount consists of one-piece rectangular tube going all the way across, with blocks of same material bolted on above and below at one end to clamp the motor to.

Gunwale clamps attach it to the canoe.

Customer review:

"Best motor mount I ever tried"

"I used this motor mount today on my old town tripper canoe ,with a 40lb thrust minkota endura max . it is extremely strong , there was no flex ,at all , the clamp worked great very secure ,they did not loosen at even with the motor at full power. 20 years ago i bought my first trolling motor for this canoe , but after trying several mount out of frustration i made my own . 20 years later my mount is showing its age , and i saw this one FANTASTIC i don't have to make a new one . Simple design fast to install , lightweight , yet incredibly strong at a great price !"



The motor mount also can serve as the crossbar to accept the slip-on wheels we offer.   The prongs of the wheel frame slip into the ends of the motor mount crossbar.

This motor mount can also serve as the crossbar to accept our stabilizer floats and arms to prevent capsizing.    We just need to drill the hole pattern to accept the locking spring buttons on the stabilizer arms.  Request us to do that in the comment section of your checkout ($10 cost, which is waived if you buy the floats).

Sturdy large gunwale clamps grip well.  Clamps can be positioned outside the canoe for Coleman and the few other brands that have outside-lip gunwales or the can be inside for inside-lip gunwales.


Clamps slide to adjust to any width canoe.


This motor mount is 36 inches long over-all, with an 8-inch block on the end, leaving 28 inches to span the canoe.   If you want a different length, please specify in comments section of your checkout page.   We offer 40 inch and 45 inch lengths at no extra cost or custom lengths for $20 more.  Extra length can just overhang, so don't worry if it's a little longer than needed.

Add floats and arms to your motor mount?  Only this motor mount offers that option.  Remember, motoring increases your risk of capsizing, so stabilizer floats are a good idea.

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