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Super Snark Blem with shipping to be adjusted
Item #: 8051

product_image These Super Snarks are a bit deformed but still perfectly good for sailing and carry the usual manufacturer's warranty. For englarged photo CLICK HERE. Right now, no perfect ones are available and the schedule for producing more keeps slipping into the future -- it did so throughout 2018 and now 2019 is shaping up the same way. Snark is not going under -- the problem is they are a small company with several different product lines under various brand names, and they are giving priority to their other products.

So the choices are:
(1) buy one of these blemished boats, or
(2) wait for an unknown length of time (months? years?) or
(3) buy one of our other sailboats such as
this (Marine Pro), or
this (Nanocat), or
this (River Raft) , or
these (minicatamarans), or
this (Bolt Kayak), or
please click here to see 5 links to small fiberglass sailboats (Pennant, Aqua Finn, Topaz, Taz, Argo).

Another good option is to add one of our folding sail kits to a kayak, canoe, dinghy, or rowboat you may already have or decide to buy locally. Our sail kits use Snark-type sails and rigging, famous for their simplicity and great performance. For more about these kits, please go to our home page and select the square corresponding to the product you are interested in.

If you choose to go with the imperfect Snark, shipping will be adjusted based on where you are, with your approval. The amount shown below for shipping is only a placeholder. If you are in the midwest, the adjustment might be zero or very small. Elsewhere, it might be a little more or a lot more -- we just don't know until we ask for a quote for a specific zip code for a specific time frame. But you will have the opportunity to say yes or no. If you say "yes" we will charge the shipping difference to your same card. Another option: You could drive to Adrian, Michigan and pick up the boat in person and save all shipping charges. You would pay us first, then pick it up on a pre-agreed date (weekdays or most Saturday mornings, by appointment).


PRICE: $1099.00 + $285.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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