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If you are ordering a sail kit or other item that includes a sail, use this page to tell us your sail choice.  If you are not ordering a complete sail kit or other product that includes a sail, then you are on the wrong page.  Click Here to go to the sail-only buying page.

 Nylon Sails

 Rainbow Stripes.  Select this sail  (Sail D)

 Blue Stripes: light/dark blue panels. Select this sail  (Sail B)

Spring.  Select this sail (Sail F)

 Summer: Yellow/White.  Select this sail  (Sail C)  

 Zowie. Select this sail  (Sail E)

 Pirate. Arrrr Matey!  Select this sail  (Sail P)

The Classic White.  Select this sail  (Sail A)


Dacron Upgrade Sails


This is a house brand sail (not Neil Pryde) but still very good quality.  As compared to nylon, dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material so the sail will hold its shape and not belly out in strong winds.  More Pictures and info click here.


 Classic White Dacron - $29 Upgrade. Add to Cart



Dacron (polyester) is a stiffer, less stretchy material than nylon.  A Dacron sail will hold its shape and not stretch out in strong winds.  It's also a heavier material and therefore stronger, as compared to nylon.   Neil Pryde is a widely-respected sail maker, known for quality workmanship.  You will be impressed with the extra heavy stitching on these sails, done with the greatest attention to detail.  Clicking the link for your desired sail will add the upgrade cost to your total and tell us which color scheme you have selected.

If you are ordering a Super Deluxe kit that already includes the Neil Pryde upgrade, then you do not have to pay the $79 upgrade cost in addition.   In that case, rather than using the "Add to Cart" link, just tell us which color scheme you want in the "Order Comments" space on the checkout page.

Please note: Pastel Corners and Candy Stripes Red/White are available in both 45 SF and 55 SF sizes. Blue/Gray stripes and Spring are only available in the larger 55 SF size.


  Pastel Corners ("Joy")  $79 Upgrade.  Add to Cart

  Candy Stripes Red/White  $79 Upgrade.  Add to Cart

 Blue/Gray Stripes. SUNFLOWER ONLY $79 Upgrade. Add to Cart

  Spring!  SUNFLOWER ONLY $79 Upgrade. Add to Cart


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