Choose the Color Scheme for your Nylon Sail ... or upgrade to a Dacron sail for $29 - $79 additional

Email and state your choice.  Please read the descriptions and only choose a color scheme that is available in the size that goes along with your sail kit.   If you are not upgrading to a 55 SF sail then your sail is 45 SF.   All sails nylon unless  stated otherwise.   Please note the extra cost for Dacron sails. 

Pictures    Descriptions

A- Plain white nylon.  Available in both sizes.  Classic.

Or, for a small additional fee, choose white Dacron More Info

B -- Light blue/dark blue.


Available with a large "" logo in 55 SF size if requested.  Default is no logo.



Ignore the writing. There is no logo now on yellow-white sail.

C - Available in both sizes

 Alternating panels of yellow and white.   No logo (Picture shows a small logo, but sails we are shipping have no writing on them).  


D - In both 45 and 55 SF size.  No logo.  

Sail E1 -  Nylon.   Zowie!   

Visibility enhances safety around motor boaters. Out of stock in 45 SF.  Available in 55.

(Colors of E1 are Navy Blue. Yellow, Red, Navy Blue)


Sail E2 - In stock in both sizes.  Nylon.  Snazzy and highly visible for safety. Difference from E1 is E2 has light blue panel on top rather than navy blue.
Sail F - Wonderful clean, bright, breezy appearance that coordinates well with many hull color schemes. No logo. Available in both 45 & 55 SF sail sizes. 

J - Red and white with "Sunflower" logo.  55 SF only if you want nylon.  

(Not available in nylon without logo.   However, we have a Dacron red & white sail without logo, with premium quality workmanship, for $79 more for both 45 and 55 SF sizes)

Plain White in durable, high performance Dacron.  $29 EXTRA.

G -  Plain white dacron. Just $29 extra. Dacron is  a premium quality sail material.  Plain white, no logo.   Add item 5050 to your order.   Available for 45 and 55 SF sizes.

Sail P for Pirate!  Available in both sizes.   No extra cost!  Nylon.   A great attention getter -- and the dark background is so practical in terms of not showing dirt. (Pirates are so fastidious about dirt!) Available in both  sizes. . Launch Pirate Sail video


Various color schemes in  Dacron - Designed and built by Neil Pryde Sails (a famous yachting sail maker).  Really nice construction details (stitching, reinforcing at wearpoints) - $79 extra.   Neil Pryde info and color scheme options click here



H -  Neil Pryde Dacron Sails  click here  for even more color choices in the Neil Pryde line



I.  The batwing sail is another extra-cost option.  Colors are here and more info on it is here.



Email or call 978 263 7598 and state your choice.  Otherwise, we will choose for you!  Also, consider these:

6005 Bag for sail rigs - big
Click for larger image Big enough for the canoe or kayak rig including the stabilizer floats, with a handy pouch compartment for small parts. Also good for the inflatable boat rig. Heavily padded shoulder strap and suitcase-type handle. Strong fabric and strong zipper. Get it for the inflatable boat sail rig even if you don't get stabilizers, so you'll have extra room for a towel and a life jacket and a few other odds and ends. Although it's technically too big for the airline free baggage allowance, Jim (SailboatsToGo owner) has flown with it many times and never gotten hit with an over-sized bag fee. They weigh stuff, but rarely measure dimensions. If you want a bag that fits within airline dimension restrictions and can hold the sail rig excluding stabilizer floats, see item 3012 (item 3012 bag requires upgraded leeboards; item 6005 bag does not). For a similar size bag that has wheels, see item 6021.

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5031 Steering Oar & Oarpin
Flat-bladed 7' oar with clamp-on oarpin. Use with our sail kits and canoe rowing attachment. Sail kits come with one, but you may like to have a second one. It's very convenient, when sailing, to have steering oars on both sides. You don't use them both at once for steering, but it allows you to steer with either hand without having to shift the steering oar from side to side.

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6021 Sail kit bag with wheels - Big & heavy duty
Big and heavy duty bag with wheels that make it ideal for airline travel. Full-length heavy-duty zipper. Outside pocket for small parts. Inside straps to secure the contents. Other bag options: See items 6005 and 3012.

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5011 Bigger Sail, Mast and Spar Upgrade -- 55 square foot nylon sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension
Select this item to DELETE the 45-square-foot sail from your order of a sail rig or complete sailboat and SUBSTITUTE a 55-square-foot nylon sail. Includes spar extension to carry the larger sail, plus sail, plus free upgrade to heavy duty mast. Bigger sail provides more speed in light to moderate winds (5-12 mph). This price is only for substitution.  If you are not ordering something that normally includes a 45 sf sail, you must use item 5012 instead for this item. See item 5060 for a luxury alternative: Upgrade from the standard sail to a custom-made dacron sail in your choice of colors.

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