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Challenger 3 boat plus our sail rig - lightest, most affordable inflatable sailboat
Item #: 2003

product_image Our most compact and portable sailboat. Low priced, but high quality. Hull is a 9' 8" Intex Challenger 3. Rig is our standard 2042 rig, with 45-square foot nylon sail. Comfortable for 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 kids. Hull weighs just 19 pounds! Sail kit is 34 lbs. Accepts motor mount sold separately for gas or electric outboard. Oars, pump included. This is a single-ply hull, which means it is softer and less rigid than 3-ply boats like the Hydro-Force, Mariner 3 or 4, Fishman II or any of the Navigator line. But you can still have a lot of sailing fun with it and it can't be beat for portability and affordability. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

Pandemic note: Boat costs have become very volatile so we cannot promise to honor this price. If we need to charge more, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to approve or cancel.

PRICE: $829.00 + $60.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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