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Cane Seat for Canoe Floor - Be Comfortable, Lower CG
Item #: 5124

product_image Put this seat on the floor of your canoe. The person sitting there will ride in luxury, with full back support, and will be making the canoe much more stable at the same time, by lowering your center of gravity. He or she will feel more secure and more comfortable than you ever thought possible in a canoe. Use it outside the canoe too, at the campsite, picnic, parade or ballgame. Great gift. Width = 14 inches. The back part is 18 inches high. The seat part is 4 1/4 inches high at the front, 2 1/2 inches at the rear. Quality ash frame with cane seat and cane back. Clear polyurethane finish. Folds for easy carrying. Wt. 7 lbs. Made in USA by Essex Industries, a nonprofit organization that employs and trains adults with disabilities to do the manufacturing. Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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