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Sail and spars, w/ropes, mast slide in 55 SF size fits Sunflower
Item #: 4989

product_image For the Sunflower (also fits our rigs, Spring Creek, Sea Eagle: 55 SF nylon sail (any color scheme-- just tell us in the order comments during checkout), ropes (sheet and halyard), swiveling mast slide (also known as boom guide) plus the spar set to mount sail on (spars are the 2 poles that hold the sail, also known as boom and gaff or boom and spar). Spar extension included. Add our adjustable mast extension and this package would be all you need to convert a Super Snark or Sea Snark to the larger 55 SF sail!

Better than original equipment -- stronger spars, swiveling mast slide. And, the spars fold, with sail on them, for easier transport and storage. Sail will be yellow and white (no Sunflower logo), or if your prefer, all white. At this price, only those two color schemes are available. But if you want a different color scheme, or a dacron sail, you can have it by authorizing us in the order comments to charge your card for the price difference.

If you want this package plus a mast and any color scheme, please order item 5194 instead.

PRICE: $298.00 + $20.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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