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Boom Guide Assembly (OEM) for Super Snark and Sunflower P62440
Item #: 5624

product_image Strap with two grommets plus screws. Replaces the old u-shaped metal verion and is now the OEM part.

Consider getting the superior alternative item 5022 swiveling boom guide, which will arrive sooner and provide better service. The item 5624 OEM boom guide often gets broken when someone accidentally lifts the back of the boom. It cannot swivel, so if someone lifts the back of the boom, it this part bends or breaks. The superior swiveling boom guide (item 5022) is made to allow lifting of the boom. Eligible for a partial shipping refund if buying multiple OEM Snark parts in same order. Request in order comments and we'll do a partial refund if automated shipping total is excessive.

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