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Swiveling Mast Slide or Gooseneck - replaces boom guide assembly
Item #: 5022

product_image Mast Slide bolts to boom and accepts mast up to 1.375-inch outside diameter. Included with our spar sets and sail rigs, but offered here separately for those who want to use in conjunction with plans, or who may want to upgrade Super Snarks, Sunflowers and older Spring Creek Canoe sail rigs. The swiveling feature lets the boom swivel up without damaging anything. Closeup photo. It can even swivel the boom up all the way vertical where it and the top spar can be stored out of the way against the mast. Video: Click Here. Bolts and nuts (or sheet metal screws for Snarks) included.

Snark sailors: Please put the word "Snark" in the order comment space so we know to give you one with the correct mounting holes and hardware for the Super Snark, Sea Snark and Sunflower. Replaces Snark "boom guide assembly." This is a big improvement over anything that does not swivel vertically!

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