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Canoe sail rig with inflatable stabilizer floats
Item #: 1000

product_image Everything needed to make your canoe into a sailboat INCLUDING the optional inflatable stabilizer floats and outrigger arms to help keep you from capsizing when the wind blows hard. Our other canoe sail kits with stabilizers have the rigid, Hydrodynamic stabilizer floats. Only this kit has our new improved inflatable stabilizer floats for enhanced portability and lower price.

The inflatable stabilizer floats are our new thick-skin floats that hold their shape better even when driven hard through the water. And now they are on mounting hardware that lets you adjust them up or down and in or out. They are not quite the equal of the rigid hydrodynamic floats (not as streamlined and therefore a bit more drag in high wind) but they have the advantages of greater portability, compact storage and lower price.

Options to consider adding: Upgrade to larger sail and/or heavy duty mast(item 5011 and/or dacron sail. Add a heavy duty carry bag with shoulder strap (item 6007 . Add a High Seat for a more flexible seating position (item 1007) giving you more ability to balance the canoe. Add waterproof floating cellphone case for the safety of secure communications. Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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