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Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig
Item #: 6010

product_image Like item 6008 (Standard Kayakamaran Sailkit), except with heavy duty mast, 55 square foot nylon sail ), and extra steering oar so your passenger can take a turn steering from the other kayak. Standard width is 76", but custom width available. Email

Does not come with a sail kit bag. Consider getting a carrying bag (for example, item 6007) to keep the parts together and make it easy to tranport.

Consider getting the Super Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig Package (item 60110 instead with these additional features: (1) pair of hydrodynamic stablizer floats on outrigger arms so you can sail one kayak by itself. (2) Snap-off leeboard mounts for quicker assembly and disassembly. (3) Steering balance tuner, so you can adjust how much the steering oar tugs on your arm. (4) Upgrade to Neil Pryde heavy duty dacron sail in your choice of 4 color schemes. (5) Sail kit bag. (6) Polycarbonate unbreakable leeboards Note: Any of these items could be added a-la-carte to your order of the Deluxe Kayakamaran Rig if you don't want them all. Do it yourself or just ask us to do it in the order comments and we will modify your order and put through the additional charge.

See descriptions and ordering links for kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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