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High Seat - Special add-on canoe seat
Item #: 1007

product_image A great canoe sailing or rowing accessory. Two benefits: (1) Gives you a high, wide bench seat so you can easily shift your weight side to side to counterbalance the force of the wind and keep the canoe upright; (2) Lets you put your seat where you want it, to improve bow-to-stern balance, especially good for solo sailing to keep the bow down. When you have the freedom to shift your weight all the way over to the windward side and even a little beyond, it adds a whole new dimension to canoe sailing. Your skill in balancing the canoe will add to your speed and your fun. Also works great as a table or workbench on the water. Approx 7" x 36" . Full page of details Click Here Caution: Use with Hydrodynamic stabilizer floats or accept greater risk of capsizing due to higher center of gravity. Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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