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Sail - 45 SF nylon Rainbow Stripes - for Super Snark, Sea Snark, Whirlwind Sail
Item #: 5001

product_image Rainbow Stripes! Our most popular color scheme.

This is the sail only (no spars or other metal parts). Multi-colored. Fits Sea Snark and Super Snark. Also fits old Sunflowers without the "3.3" designation. (More on this below).

This is a true, aerodynamic, shaped sail, which means it is cut and sewn to have the necessary camber (3-dimensional curvature) for creating aerodynamic lift. Superior in power and efficiency to "flat triangle" sails offered elsewhere. Strong fabric and strong sewing, so it will last. Ships by USPS so PO boxes are okay and please ignore any warnings to the contrary during checkout process. More Info and other sail choices

(Sunflower owners: Compare lengths of the two poles that go inside the sail sleeves. If they are equal length, then you need a 45 SF sail like this one. If one pole is a couple of feet longer than the other, you need one of our 55 SF sails and this sail will not fit.)

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