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Deluxe Sail Kit for Intex Mariner 4... Save $50!
Item #: 2004

product_image Sail kit for Intex Mariner 4, plus snap-apart front crossbar upgrade, sail kit carry bag, second steering oar, and upgrade to heavy duty mast and 55 SF nylon sail with spar extension.

Also thrown in are 2 extra short straps ($12 value) that you can use to secure the handle of the steering oar you are not using at the moment to the grab line of the boat, thereby raising its blade out of the water.

Consider adding the following upgrades that are not included, but can be found on the Upgrades and Options page: Quick-release leeboard mounts, unbreakable leeboards, steering balance tuner, slip-on wheels.

Upgrades and options page: Click Here.

Fits all versions and vintages of the Mariner 4.

PRICE: $999.00 + $40.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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