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U-bolts and Star Knobs - Metric - Stainless
Item #: 4010

product_image Lot of 6 stainless steel u-bolts with star-knob nuts. Female thread in star knobs is brass. Diameter of u-bolt shaft is approximately 5mm (a little less than 1/4-inch). This price is for 6 u-bolts and 12 star knobs, with free domestic shipping. Length of the u-bolt legs is about 4 inches (= about 10 cm). Space between the u-bolt legs is about 1 1/2 inches (= 4 cm) We have a great many of these to sell, so contact us about discounts on larger quantities or about buying u-bolts without star knobs or star knobs without u-bolts. Price is for 6 sets with shipping included.

Note: We use inch size, not metric, on most of our products.

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