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Sunflower Hull, splash deck, etc.. Shipping TBD
Item #: 5637

product_image Sunflower 3.3 Hull ($900 value) and splash deck ($125 value). Includes gudgeon (the little plate on the back that accepts the rudder pin), mast seat, mast sleeve -- all of which always come with the hull -- and these two additional items that nearly every hull buyer needs: Bow eye (P62360) and Cleat (P30680)

The shipping shown is a low estimate, as a placeholder. Shipping cost to be adjusted, with your approval, once we have actual quote for your address. You can cancel if it is too much. East coast and midwest is usually under $350 and West usually under $500.

Excludes everything else -- no dagger board, no rudder, no mast, no sail, no spars, etc.

PRICE: $1025.00 + $250.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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