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Accessory Seat Rowing Package with Fixed Rowing Outriggers and Spoon-Blade Oars
Item #: 5280

product_image Complete canoe rowing package as follows: Accessory Seat, Fixed span Rowing Outriggers, Spoon-Blade oars in 7.5' length and oarpins. One great advantage of this rowing package compared to others is there is no crossbar in front of you, so your canoe is less cluttered.

Another advantage is the Accessory Seat accepts other accessories you may have already or may purchase later, like our slip-on wheels, stabilizer pontoons or snap-in leeboards. Again, no crossbar ("Universal Receiver") needed for these accessories!

See more details on the accessory seat at item 5375.

PRICE: $323.00 + $25.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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