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Snark Rig - Everything for a Snark but Hull
Item #: 5212

product_image Found a Super Snark or Sea Snark hull at a yard sale but lack all the other parts? This is your package! It's a complete sailboat minus the hull, and it includes the SailboatsToGo premium-quality equipment:

Sail (choice of color schemes),
mast (adjustable height, for more headroom),
spars (stronger than OEM),
boom guide assembly (swiveling),
rudder (high performance with bigger blade),
tiller (adjustable length),
gudgeon if needed,
rudder pin (better pin with eye),
daggerboard (better version in plastic).

Not included because they usually are not lost: Mast seat (the wooden bench screwed to the hull), the eyebolt at the bow, and the mast sleeve (the metal insert going from the mast seat into the hull. These are available at extra cost. If the gudgeon on your snark is black plastic and not metal, tell us and we'll delete the gudgeon from your order and refund $10. The gudgeon is the fitting on the back that the rudder attaches to. Older models have a metal gudgeon that will not mate up with the modern rudder. The current gudgeon design is black plastic and it is screwed to outside of transom. Choose any of our 45 SF nylon sails shown at our sail options page (click). and tell us your choice in the comment section of checkout. This price is a 10% discount from the total of individual prices and gives you a discounted shipping total as well. Your order will be fulfilled in 2 separate shipments. Mast and spars will be our better equipment, not OEM. If you want our better daggerboard and better rudder instead of OEM equipment for these two items as well, say so in the order comments and we will charge additional $45 to your card and send them too; in that case all will be in one shipment. For this $40 you get more reliably fast shipment of your order (the factory is often slow) and better components for the daggerboard and rudder.

PRICE: $519.00 + $35.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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