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steering oar unit for kayak, canoe, or dinghy
Item #: 4800

product_image Steering oar crossbar attachment parts. Crossbar is adjustable in length and has oarpin sockets on both ends. Please specify which craft you are wanting this to fit as there are variations and we rely on the customer's order notes to know which one to send, rather than creating a different item number for each variation.

Includes necessary hardware and/or straps for attaching. So, for example, on a non-inflatable canoe, it includes gunwale clamps. On and inflatable kayak it includes straps and right-angle piece. On an inflatable dinghly, it includes bolts, strap(s) and L bracket if L bracket is needed.

Does not include steering oar. Order item 5031 too if you need a steering oar and oarpin. Or item 3030 if you need 2.

PRICE: $79.00 + $15.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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