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Canoe Stabilizer with Inflatable Floats, 46-inch crossbar and Up-Down Adjustment, Square Posts
Item #: 1016

product_image Complete canoe stabilizer system with in/out and up/down adjustment and inflatable pontoons on square posts.

. The pontoons are excellent quality, made of 3-ply non-sretchy material so they inflate quite firm. 3-year warranty against leakage.

The square-post mounting system means the floats are always aligned pointing forward and the clamp system for the up/down adjustment is super easy, operable with one hand.

Crossbar length is 45 inches. Must be long enough to span your canoe but can be longer. If you have outside gunwale lips, then must be long enough to span your canoe plus 4" or more overhang.

The included gunwale clamps tighten and loosen with hand knobs and they slide anywhere along the crossbar to align with your canoe gunwales.

The in/out adjustment is locked by a spring button popping up into a hole. The telescoping arms put the pontoons about 2 feet out from the ends of your crossbar at their maximum so you can have about a 7-foot wingspan. With 7 feet distance between the floats and the floats adjusted down to the water, you have great stability. Or, adjust them up to hover over the water and catch you when you start to tip.

Inflation valve is a standard Boston valve, the most common type for inflatables. You can even inflate by mouth without too much effort, and they'll work okay at that pressure, though a hand or foot pump would let you get them firmer. Using a hand or foot pump, 1 1/2 pounds of pressure recommended (about 50% more than you can do by mouth).

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