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Accessory Seat for Canoe - Accepts Row Arms etc.
Item #: 5375

product_image Clamp this sturdy comfortable seat onto your canoe. It's side pieces accept snap-in or slip-on accessories like our rowing outriggers, slip-on wheels, leeboards -- even stabilizer floats!

Eliminates the need for a separate crossbar and gunwale clamps for these accessories.

Nice wide, cushioned seat bottom and strong enough for heavy people. Generous 8" x 14" seat cushion, with space for hips well beyond that 14" width.

Packages available that include seat and various accessories

Width is very adjustable. From 22 inches narrow to 42 inches wide (38 inches max for outside-lip canoe, but we can accommodate special requests for wider. What does "outside lip" mean? Canoes have a little horizontal projection at their top edge (gunwale) like a miniature shelf running the full length of the canoe on both sides. Our clamps reach under this lip to clamp the seat down. On most canoes, the lip is on the inside (cockpit side, where you sit) but on some the lip is on the outside, over the water. When it is on the outside, our clamps will have to be on the outside, requiring the seat sides to overhang the gunwale by 2 inches. Since 2 + 2 = 4, using the seat on an outside-lip canoe subtracts 4 inches from the maximum width. So for these canoes, max width is reduced from 42 to 38 inches. But remember -- we can set yours up to go wider if you request it. There will be a comment space available on the final checkout page where you could enter such a request.

This is a great seat, of our own invention. We have been selling it for several years and people have been quite happy with it.

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