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Canoe sail kit front assembly with large sail for stabilizer owner
Item #: 5121

product_image Canoe sail kit front assembly without the parts that come with a stabilizer. In other words, complete canoe sail kit with large sail and heavy duty mast minus the stabilizer (crossbar, clamps, arms, floats) and minus the rear assembly.

Exact parts list: mast step, secondary crossbar and its gunwale clamps, bowsprit, heavy-duty mast, spars & mast slide with extension for large sail, large 55 SF nylon sail, snap-in leeboards and ropes.

Buy this, combine with your stabilizer (from us or Spring Creek) and Your steering set-up and you have a complete canoe sail kit.

PRICE: $599.00 + $25.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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