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Conversion Kit - Inflatable Dinghy or Kayak Sail Rig to Canoe (No Floats)
Item #: 2002

product_image Additional parts you need to use your inflatable dinghy, or U-front kayak, sail rig on your canoe. Maximize your versatility! This item consists of 4 gunwale clamps ($80 value) and a pair of sliding leeboard mount converters ($59 value), plus instructions. You probably also want to order stabilizer floats and arms (item 1006). This is an upgrade kit for sail kit owners and would not be useful by itself.

You need the sliding leeboard mounts because canoes require the leeboards to be closer to the mast for proper steering balance. The leeboards should be no more than 2 feet behind the mast, for most canoes. Otherwise, your canoe will keep wanting to turn downwind, making it hard to control. What you want is a moderate tendency to turn upwind, which is what you wil have if you get the leeboards closer to the mast but not too close.

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