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Kayak Sail Kit Versions

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= included in price


Deluxe Upgrade

Super Deluxe Upgrade

Price Model specific $198 $298
Savings   $41 $75

Complete Sailing Kit*

* Parts list

Note: Sail kits for certain kayaks also include stabilizers, check descriptions.

55 Square foot sail and heavy duty mast


Heavy Duty Carry Bag

$39 $12 shipping 
Quick-Release Leeboard Mounts $29

Neil Pryde Dacron Sail upgrade



Unbreakable polycarbonite leeboards upgrade $55 $55

But Wait...There's More!

More upgrades to consider that are not in deluxe packages:  Slip-on Wheels and stabilizer floats and arms, either inflatable or rigid.   And for kits with the U-shaped front assembly, Quick Release Leeboard Mounts and the Steering Balance Tuner.   (Kits with the "T" configuration front assembly inherently have a form of QR leeboard mounts and steering tuning.)

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