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The Any Kayak upwind Sail Rig with Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizers
Item #: 6004

product_image Upwind sail rig for almost any kayak -- inflatable or rigid. Attaches using straps. Makes your kayak into a complete sailboat, including leeboards, mast, sail, spars, rigging, steering and our best stabilizers. How to sail instructions for beginners also included.

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Hydrodynamic stabilizer floats, 2 leeboards (for upwind sailing), 1 steering oar, 45 SF nylon sail included. Second steering oar, item 5031, is optional upgrade.

Upgrade to larger sail, with taller & stronger mast by adding item 5011 to your rig purchase. Or, consider getting just the mast upgrade (item 5016) while staying with the standard sail. The heavy-duty mast gives more headroom under the boom, more confidence in a strong wind, and if you later decide to get the larger 55 SF sail you won't have to get a new mast.


Includes hydrodynamic outrigger stabilizer floats to keep you upright. You can see more about the stabilizer floats at item 1006, but remember, these are included in the price of this kit as is.

(Item 6020 is same rig without floats and item 6001 is same rig with inflatable floats).

Includes adjustable-length aluminum side rails to connect front and rear crossbars, so that no drilling, no glueing, no adding of D rings or eyestraps is required. The frame makes a complete rectangle around the cockpit, but does not obstruct the cockpit and does not crowd the passengers. The complete rectangle frame is the key to its universal fit and easy on & off attachment. (The pictures and videos tell the story best.) Straps go under the kayak and lay flat against the hull, requiring no special attachment fixtures. For rigid kayaks, foam blocks between the rig and the crossbars conform to angles and irregularities of your decks. Length of standard side pieces is adjustable from 5 to 7 feet to fit large and small-cockpit kayaks. Different length ranges available by request. Use comment space to specify or email us. Please also use comment section during check out to tell us about your kayak, and to specify sail color choice ( sail color options click here).

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This kit has a lot in common with our other sail kits, so if you want to be able to use it on canoes, or inflatable rafts, you'll only need a few extra pieces. Email or call us and let us know what versatility you want and we'll set you up with the right additional pieces.

The additional shiping cost to UK, Western Europe, Japan is item 1999 .

Standard mounting method is by straps and it works great. If you prefer having a bolt-on connection, order 2 pair of our kayak adapters and deck bracket for this rig, or consider our item 6025 bolt-on rig with no side bars. More info on upgrades, sail color choices, and accessories: CLICK HERE

Like all our sail rigs, this model folds and comes apart for transport and storage. With item 5092 leeboard upgrade, rig (excluding stabilizer floats) would fit in a box or bag just 7 inches x 9 inches x 47 inches ! Rig and stabilizers, even with standard leeboards, fits in our item 6007 bag, which is 12" x 12" x 48" (like a set of golf clubs).

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