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Sea Eagle RazorLite Kayak with Sail Kit & Stabilizer Floats
Item #: 320

product_image The first inflatable kayak with thin, flat side walls and high-pressure (10 pounds) air chambers throughout. This kayak is sleek and firm like a solid kayak. We add to this our item 2021 sail kit with 45 SF sail, leeboards, straps and instructions PLUS hydrodynamic stabilizer floats (item 1006). What's included: Sea Eagle 473RL Pro Package, including pump, 2 paddles, 2 seats, repair kit, and carry bag for the boat; item 2021 SailboatsToGo sail kit; item 1006 stabilizer floats and arms. Sail kit bag is optional (item 6007). Comes with 2 steering oars (use one at a time but having 2 means there is one for either hand).
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See additional upgrades and options, such as heavy duty mast, larger sail, unbreakable leeboards, dacron sails.

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