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Sea Eagle Fast Track 385FT Inflatable Kayak With Sail Rig latest model
Item #: 303

product_image This is the Sea Eagle 385ft "Deluxe Package", plus SailboatsToGo folding sail kit with 45 SF sail. This package includes 2 inflatable seats, 2 AB30 paddles, boat carry bag, foot pump, patch kit and free domestic shipping. Choose from our wide array of available sail color schemes. Kayak is the latest model, direct from Sea Eagle. You will save about $100 by buying the kayak from us, as compared to buying from This is always true, regardless of what sale Sea Eagle is running. No? Email or call us ( All other Fast Track packages are available and our price differentials between packages are the same as on so your savings from buying from SailboatsToGo is always about $100. See item 304 for Pro package. See item 6022 for sail kit alone. The Fast Track line is very popular because of the inflatable fin up front, that is supposed to help paddlers track straight and because of the very streamlined hull shape. If you want a larger Fast Track, we also offer the 465ft. Also consider the Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks with our sail kit. We think the Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks paddle just fine and we like the fatter side tubes the Explorer kayaks have, because the fatter side tubes deflect splash better and are more comfortable for sitting on, which we sometimes do when sailing. See for example the Explorer 380X (item 6027 Click here) All the essential elements are included (sail, mast, frame, attaching straps, leeboards so you can tack upwind, 2 steering oars). Extras, like an electric pump or a carry bag for the sail kit) are listed here: Options & Upgrades. . Upgrades such as a larger sai and/or heavy duty mast or dacron sail are also offered on that same page. Return Policy. Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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