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Any Kayak sail rig with inflatable stabilizers
Item #: 6001

product_image Straps onto just about any kayak and has inflatable stabilizer floats (amas) to help prevent capsizing. Adjustable for kayaks of different lengths and widths. Complete sail kit including sail, mast, frame, rigging, leeboards and 1 steering oar. Carry bag additional (item 6007). Click Here for more information on accessories, upgrades and sail colors. Same rig with rigid stabilizer floats is item 6004 or no stabilizers is item 6020. The advantage of rigid stabilizers over inflatable ones is much lower drag if submerged by strong winds. But under most conditions the inflatables work very well. And they are more portable.Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here. Please send us an email after ordering width and type of kayak. Folds to compact bundle less than 48 inches long.

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