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About the Sunflower 3.3

Note:  Availability is spotty.  Email before ordering.

The Basics

Like all Snark Sailboats, the Snark Sunflower sailboat is unsinkable. It is one step up from the entry-level Super Snark. As with the entry level Super Snark, it's easy to learn, fun to sail, and simple to transport and setup. Read comments from Sunflower buyers below.

Sunflower 3.3 model is similar to Super Snark but gives you several premium features including a covered bow area to deflect splash and keep you dryer, over 20% more sail area for greater speed especially in lower speed winds, a few inches more width (beam) and between the waterline and the top of the hull's sides (freeboard), plus the option to add a center seat.

The Sunflower is exceedingly portable and storable. It can be suspended from basement or garage ceiling so it's completely out of the way during the off season.  (We offer the suspsension system, see our upgrades and options listWe use it for our own Snarks.)

The Sunflower's light weight makes it easy to load onto your vehicle.  Roof racks with slide-out loading bars make it even easier!

Here's a video of the Snark Sunflower under sail, provided by one of our customers.  (Custom sail)
The Sunflower 3.3 with our Neil Pryde dacron sail upgrade.

Old Faithful: Sailing our 1972 Sea Snark (same as a Super Snark but without the ABS plastic skin on the hull).  The sail is our "rainbow stripes" sail, also known as sail D, which is available in Sunflower size via our Sail Swap option. Video also shows rowing option and loading boat on vehicle roof.

Snark History

The Sunflower has a long history in the market with a passionate following. Snarks have been made since the the mid 1960's. They are highly durable. Many from that era are still in service. We own a Super Snark from 1972 and it sails perfectly! Jim purchased that boat second-hand from the original owner, who related many fond memories of sailing it as his kids were growing up. More Snark Sailboat History.  

Many Snark sailors have posted their own pictures and videos of their beloved boats. See some here.

Comparison to other Snark Sailboats
The Snark line is made up of 5 sailboats. The Sunflower is one step up from the entry level Super Snark sailboat. More Info
Snark Users Group
Want to learn more about Snarks and share Snark sailing and Snark customizing stories? The Snark Users Group maintains a Facebook page to allow conversations among Snark sailboat owners: Snark Users Group
"Hi, I have a snark sunflower 3.3, that I purchased from you about a year and a half ago. It has been a wonderful boat, and has provided many hours of enjoyment on the water! Recently we took it on a camping trip, and had tons of fun, " - Scott B.

Details & Specifications



Occupants: 1 - 2

Weight limit for people gear: 310 lbs

Hull length: 11 feet

Hull width (beam): 3 feet 6 inches

Hull weight: About 50 lbs

Fully rigged weight: About 59 lbs

Hull material: EPS foam core (no voids) with vacuum formed ABS polymer armorclad skin for both cockpit and exterior.

Sail area: About 55 square feet

Sail type: Lateen

Warranty:  6 months against manufacturer defects

The Sunflower Hull shown without mast, spars, sail, or splashdeck. Notice the rudder and daggerboard are both in the up position for launching from shore and beaching.

See how one apartment dweller stores it: Click here.

Whats Included

Complete sailboat including:

Hull with mast socket and rudder mount

Splashdeck (bow covering)

Mast, Sail, Boom, Spar, ropes 

Rudder. Tiller and Rudder Pin

Daggerboard (like a centerboard or keel)

All necessary hardware

Owners Manual (download copy)

Snark Learn-to-Sail Instructions

Link to SailboatsToGo's exclusive Snark assembly video

Optional Center Seat
More Info


Hull colors:  All Sunflower hulls are white inside the cockpit and yellow outside.  

Sail colors:  There will be a yellow/white (see photo below and to the right), red/white, or yellow/white/blue sail packed with the boat.  We can't predict which the manufacturer will include, but you can always swap it for one of ours.  

Sail Swap option: If you want to choose a sail design, you can, no additional charge! (How about a pirate sail?!)  We will mail your chosen sail ahead of the boat delivery, and then you will send back to us the sail packed with the boat.  The post office provides suitable envelopes for free and your postage cost will be about $5 to $7. 

We offer 7 different nylon sail designs for the Sail Swap. You can choose one at no additional charge: Click Here to see the options. Nylon is durable, easy to fold, and is the material that has been standard for Snark sails for 50 years.  

Dacron (polyester) is a premium sail material, almost universally used on bigger boats for the main sail, because it holds its airfoil shape better in a strong wind. Theoretically, this should be better for upwind performance.   We offer dacron sails for the sail swap at $29 extra for white or $70 extra for multi-color with premium-quality workmanship from Neil Pryde International.  For white Dacron Click Here.  For the multi-color Dacron sails Click Here, choose one of the four 55 sq. ft. colored Dacron options, and tell us your choice in your order comments.

Questions?  Email or phone Jim at 1-978-263-7598 

"Thank you! Your website and videos helped me make my decision to buy a snark. Wonderful & informative site, the best video is of you and your son toting the snark over your heads!  A Happy Sunflower Owner, Brenda"
Special model for European customers available.  Click this link for details:  Sunflower to Europe

Ordering a Sunflower



Click the "Add to Cart" link below. You can then check out or continue shopping for Snark Options and Upgrades or any of our other products. 

You can also click "Add to Cart" just to see the price.  No obligation.

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*We will contact you with actual shipping cost and get your approval  and you'll have the opportunity to cancel.

Phone orders or questions: Call 1-978-263-7598 or toll-free at 888-JOY-SAIL.

Sorry, returns without just cause cannot be accepted due to the manufacturer's policy.  


Shipping is done by small carriers.  Each order is put out to bid.  Usually it is in the $400 to $800 range.  You'll be given an opportunity to cancel before being charged for shipping.

To order, click the Add to Cart button above. You will receive an order confirmation by email. .

When the boat reaches your area, the trucker will call to set up a delivery appointment so you can be there to inspect the boat and sign for it. In the unlikely event your boat arrives damaged, contact us immediately, while the trucker is still there.  617 645 1605 is our number..     

Sail Swap 

Before you check out, visit our Sail Swap page and select your sail if you want to exchange the sail that will come with your boat for one of our sails.  This will add the sail to your cart at no additional cost. Then, with your Sunflower sailboat and any other options or upgrades you want also in your cart, proceed to checkout. When you checkout there will be an "order comments" space near the top left of the screen. Write any important messages to us there.  After completing the rest of the order page, click the "process sale" button. You will see a confirmation screen with a button to display your invoice. A confirmation will also be sent to the email address you entered.

Options and Upgrades

In addition to the Sail Swap option, we also offer several add-on products for the Snark line including a rowing rig, stabilizer pontoons to help prevent tipping, an extension to raise the sail higher giving you more headroom, portage carts, and roof racks for your Snark! Click:  Snark Upgrades and Accessories

The Sail Swap option is described at left (bottom of middle column). 

Sunflower with one of the standard Original Equipment sails.

"I sail two people (plus snacks) weighing about 395 pounds in my Sunflower with no problems at all.  While the size difference between the Sunflower and Super-Snark may seem small, the difference in capacity and performance is quite noticeable.  If you have choice between boats, I'd opt for the Sunflower." - - Comment by "Mike" on the Snark Sailboat Owners discussion board on Yahoo.  June 10, 2011


Email Questions To:
(978) 263-7598  (Direct Line to Owner & Manager Jim Luckett)
7 days per week - 9 am to 8pm Eastern