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Inflatable Kayak Sail Kit With Partially Open Sides  (item 6022) BUY

Everything you need to make any of the following kayaks into sailboats:   Sea Eagle Fast Track (Details), Pathfinder II; Advanced Elements Straitedge2 & Convertible 2 -- also known as advanced frame).   Works on all points of sail - tacking upwind, reaching across the wind or running downwind.   Makes a real, fully capable sailboat out of your kayak.  This kit is also the right one for 2012 and later Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks.

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New sail kit design with "U" shaped front assembly leaves most of cockpit unobstructed. 

Video of the StraitEdge2 sailing*

(*note details of sail kit design have evolved since these videos were shot. See Fast Track video for best view of rig)

Side rails of front assembly go only part way back, so long stretch of the side tubes is  open for easy entry and exit and for sitting on.

Here is the 6022 sail kit on the Fast Track kayak, with the optional item 5011 upgrade to larger sail and taller stronger mast.  Complete Fast Track Kayak/sailboat is item 303 or 304 with the kayak included.    Fast Track is really well made and rugged.  Amazing 3-year factory warranty. Very rigid. Lots of nice features.  However, the new models (since 2013) are very prone to taking water over the side, because they made the side tubes so much smaller up near the bow.   Video of Fast Track 

This photo shows Sea Eagle Fast Track with the 6022 sail kit frame only, so you can get a good look at how unencumbered the cockpit area remains with the sail kit installed.  You get 100% of the cockpit area just as useable as when there is no sail kit installed!   This is also just a nice representation of how beautiful and sleek this kayak is.  Don't misunderstand:  The parts missing from this photo like, mast, sail, leeboards, steering oars are included in the 6022 and are only left out of this picture to give a clear view of the parts that attach directly to the kayak.

Same sail kit on the Pathfinder II.


Video of Pathfinder*

(*note details of sail kit design have evolved since these videos were shot. See Fast Track video for best view of rig)

Add stabilizers if you like.  We have 3 types:  Inflatable (shown), streamlined hollow hydrodynamic, or ethafoam.  Reduces the risk of capsizing quite a bit.   The Saturns and the Sea Eagle Fast Track are quite reasonable to sail without stabilizer floats, due to their stability.   The Straitedge, less so, but still feasible for a skilled sailor (or for an average sailor in moderate wind).  The Pathfinder and Convertible really need the stabilizer floats unless you want the occasional dunking.

This video shows the stabilizers really well, starting about 2 1/2 minutes into the video.  (The sail rig in the video is the 2021, which is just a little different.  But as a demonstration of the stabilizer floats, it's perfectly valid).

Here is the same rig on the Advanced Elements Convertible2 (also known as Advanced Frame 2).   Shown with the hydrodynamic stabilizers.

On the Convertibe: Videos Click Here

The 6022 sail kit also fits the Saturn 12' and  Saturn 13' kayaks well.  If buying a complete boat and sail kit with the Saturn, you can order normally and request this substitution to use the 6022 sail kit instead of the 2021 we normally use with Saturns. (The 2021 has "T" shaped front assembly).


The 6022 sail kit, like most of our sail kits, includes the swiveling mast slide so the boom, top spar and sail can be bundled up and swiveled up vertical against the mast. 


6022 Kayak Upwind Sail Kit, with U-shaped front assembly, for Fast Track etc.
Click for larger image Complete sail kit, like the 2021 but with a U-shaped front assembly instead of the T-shaped one in the 2021 rig. This is a better fit for the Sea Eagle Fast Track, Advanced Elements Convertible and Strait Edge (tandems or singles), and Pathfinder II. Stabilizer pontoons optional (Hydrodynamic stabilizers for most speed, item 1006; inflatable for most portability, item 1013; foam for least cost item 1002). Advantages of this rig are (1) best fit for listed kayaks, (2) leaves cockpit completely unobtructed and only front 3 feet (approx) of side tubes have a metal piece on them. Great for easy entry and exit, paddling, and sitting up on side tube hiking out.  Standard mast and 45 SF nylon sail. Can be upgraded to heavy duty mast, larger sail by adding item 5011. Item 6005, 3031 or 3012 carry bag recommended. 2 steering oars included.

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