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Saturn 12' Inflatable Kayak With Sail Rig
Item #: 300

product_image Complete inflatable sailboat including 12' hull, sail kit (including leeboards, 2 steering oars, mast, sail spars, attaching straps, frame), hand pump, carry bag for boat. Limited availability - email to check. The 13' model has better availability. Note: Sail kit design is now the U-shaped front assembly (click) so it doesn't occupy any cockpit space. This boat has a very nice, heavy-duty feel to it. Everything we've tried from Saturn has impressed us with the quality of construction, this model included. We were excited to see a true kayak from Saturn, which is mostly known for its Kaboat and its Zodiac-type tenders. Upgrade to deluxe version by adding item 301 in addition. Options to consider adding: larger sail and heavy-duty mast (item 5011); carry bag for sail kit (item 6007); upgraded leeboards (item 5092). Options Page Click Here. And for More Info Click Here Video: Play Now Sail kit only is item 6022 below.

PRICE: $1199.00 + $70.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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