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4-Float Canoe Stabilizer


SUPER-Stability Options

If you want even more stability than our regular 2-float canoe stablizers (click here) offer, consider these upgrades.

First, the physics:  The amount of stability boost you get depends on (A) SIZE of the floats and (B) DISTANCE between the floats and the boat.  Stabilizer floats work based on bouyancy, magnified by leverage. 

Option 1:  Double the size of the floats by having 4 floats:  TWO on each side instead of just one per side.  You could just buy two of our regular 2-float stabilizers but the items below are less cost and less hardware to attach to your canoe.


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With an extra pair of floats  added to your canoe stabilizer, you double the effective float size.   So the stabilizing effect is almost doubled. 

 Both floats can be retracted (brought in) for getting through tight spaces.  Floats also adjust up and down.

Buying Links for Canoe stabilizer with 4 floats:

Hydrodynamic (pictured) 4-float canoe stabilizer
Click Here

Ethafoam 4-float canoe stabilizer Click Here   

Mixed - 2 floats of each type Click Here



 Either option is available in either style float.  See pictures below for illustration of Ethafoam float.



If you already have a stabilizer or a sail rig and just want to add a pair of floats and arm to your existing front crossbar (UR) use the links at right ->

Mixed:  Add a pair of foam stabilizers inboard of your hydrodynamic stabilizers.  The hydrodynamics will dip into the water first, since they would be on the outside (more extended lever arm), but if the tip becomes more extreme then the foam floats would hit the water too and start helping to prevent the tipping from going any farther.    A pair of foam floats with arms is fairly inexpensive compared to a complete stabilizer or a pair of hydrodynamic floats and arms. 

Ethafoam floats & arms Click Here

Hydrodynamic floats & arms Click Here


Option 2:  Double the floats AND extend the DISTANCE
(Note:  Do not extend when motoring or sailing.  The link arms adapter is for moving slowly or staying in one place.)


   With our sliding adjustable  adaptor added, the floats on each side of your canoe "link arms" so that the second float can be even farther out from the cane that the first float.  You double the flotation and can almost double the distance between the outermost pair of floats and the boat, for a HUGE increase in total stabilizing effect.


How much you extend the second pair of floats is adjustable and both floats can be retracted for getting through tight spaces.

Floats also adjust up and down.

   Top view shows how the "Link-Arms" adaptor allows the second float to piggy back on the arm of the first one.   The amount of extension is fully adjustable because the adaptor slides along the arm of the inner float and locks wherever you want it.  This is extreme extended position.  See next picture for extreme retracted position.
   The double floats can still be pulled into the boat, even with the  Link Arms adaptor installed.

Buying links for canoe stabilizer with 4 floats and 2 Link Arms adaptors:

Hydrodynamic  Click Here

Ethafoam (pictured)  Click Here

Mixed - 2 floats of each type  Click Here


As always: Satisfaction guaranteed or return product in like-new condition for refund.
 Option 3:   Just extend the spread between floats on a 2-float stabilizer with our Link Arms adaptor and an extension arm.  (stationary use only)


 Above shows fully extended position, below show fully retracted position .   The Link Arms adaptor only adds 6 inches to your minimum clearance width but adds about a foot to your maximum extension.  The wider stance adds a lot of stability.




  You'll need our regular 2-float stabilizer, extension arm and Link Arms adaptor.  

 To buy a regular 2-float stabilizer, go to our regular 2-float stabilizer page.  Click Here

To Buy 2 Extension Arms and 2 Link Arms adpators Click Here


(Note:  Do not extend with the link arms adapter  when motoring or sailing.  The link arms adapter is for moving slowly or staying in one place.)


   Write me!   Please email after ordering and say how long you want the stabilizer crossbar to be (the fixed section that clamps to your canoe that accepts the telescoping float arms).    Sizes are 30", 36", 40" and 45".   Coleman & Pelican need the 45".   Other canoes just need length to be equal to canoe width or greater.   Custom lengths up to 60 inches available -- $10 more.  Remember, longer always means more stability!

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