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Bottom extension for heavy duty mast for DIY projects
Item #: 5045

product_image Our sail rigs put the bottom of the mast at gunwale height, so the mast only has to be 8 feet tall. But many DIY designs require a mast that goes to the floor of the boat. So, we offer this extension for the bottom of our heavy-duty mast to accommodate that need. The extension length should be equal to the depth of your boat (gunwale to floor) and your design should include lateral support for the mast at gunwale height.

Background: Let's review how the heavy duty mast is made. The mast is 1 1/4" diameter and the sleeve that joins the sections is about 1 1/2" outside diameter. Wall thickness of the bottom section and the sleeve is about 1/8". The uppermost section (top 46 inches) is thinner-walled to make it lighter and because there is much less strain on the upper part of a mast than on the lower part.

So now we can explain the extension: The extension is made just list the bottom section of the mast, except it it shorter. Please specify how deep your boat is so we know how long the extension has to be. The extension consists of a 1 1/4" outside diameter, 1/8" wall thickness round anodized marine-alloy aluminum tube of length you specify (up to 30"), and an 18" long by 1 1/2" outside diameter sleeve that joins the extension to the bottom of the mast.

Free shipping if bought as part of a larger order. Otherwise, $15 will be added before shipment. Use the order comments space on the final checkout page to specify length.

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