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Minicat Sail Kit for Wider Boats
Item #: 2062

product_image See main writeup at 2061. If your boat is over about 4 feet wide, then you need this kit instead of the 2061. It's the same kit, just with longer crossbars and leeboard mounts, so we don't repeat all the details in this writeup. Also, if your air chambers are more than 18 inches in diameter, >you need leeboard shaft extensions item 2013 (request in order comments or add to order).

Options and upgrades available include upgrade to larger sail (highly recommended in larger boats), carry bag, second steering oar.

This is the steering oar version. For the center rudder version (can't be used with motor) order item 2009 (click). Center rudder cannot be used with motor in place, so this steering oar sail kit will be the way to go for many folks.

See: Sail kit accessories, options and upgrades page CLICK HERE.

PRICE: $849.00 + $40.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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