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Steering Oar Attachment for Zodiac-Type Boats

Works with Our Sail Rig Instead of Rudder, So You Can Keep Outboard on The Transom

Problem:  You want to sail, but you don't want to remove your outboard to mount our rudder on the transom.

Solution:  Keep the outboard in place and strap a pivot block to each main air chamber, aft of the transom and just forward of the cones.   Then steer with our extra-long steering oar on one side or the other.  You will be pleasantly surprised how well this works.   Item #5036 on Inflatable Sailboats Page

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Two pivot blocks are provided, one for starboard and one for port, and a pair of straps with stainless-steel buckles for each.

You can sail with a hand directly on the steering oar, or control it from a distance with a strap as shown at lower right.   For strap control, oar must be on leeward side.  Pulling will turn boat downwind.  Releasing tension will allow boat to turn into wind (sailboats should always have moderate "weather helm," meaning tendency to turn upwind, and our rig does).

It's easy to shift oar from one side to the other when you tack.

Another way to add a steering oar to a Zodiac type boat is with a steering oar crossbar just ahead of the motor.  We do this on the item 5060 Nanocat, which is a transom boat.  This puts the steering oar sockets on the sides.   

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