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Snark Sunchaser II Sailboat

Note:  As of March 2021, no Snarks are avalable and there is no timetable for when they will be

The Snark Sunchaser II is lightweight (125 pounds), roomy (4 people, 900 lbs) and fast  (100 Sq. Ft. of Sail area between an 80 SF main sail and a 20 SF jib).   Add an electric trolling motor if you want auxiliary power.   This is a long page, with pictures and videos, so please scroll down.  Don't miss the videos on lower part of this page and on another page, the photo-illustrated owner report on the Sunchaser II from "Walt," who has a very old one and can testify to their longevity.   Download Sunchaser II manual:  Here

The Sunchaser II can be ordered online on by telephone and will be delivered by a freight carrier, right to your door.  You can call or email for a shipping quote (depends on zip code, generally $600 - 900).  Or place your order now, pay $600 toward the shipping,  and we'll contact you about adjusting the shipping charge.  Usually arives in about 2 weeks.   Toll free in US:  1-888-Joy-Sail (eastern time zone) or worldwide 978 263 7598.   Email     

More info,  or To BuyClick Here   Price is $4871 plus shipping.  

*($600 shipping will be charged initially as a placeholder but your final cost could be more or less than this.  The shipping charge will be adjusted later,  with your permission, once actual shipping cost is known).

Bonus offer -  2 lifejackets, just for putting the word "Bonus" in the comment space when you check out.  Or if you prefer, choose this bag to protect you sail and spars for car topping and storage as your bonus instead.

We also offer the Sunchaser I, which has just one sail, so it costs less and sets up more quickly. But it's not as fast. Same hull.

Sunchaser owners love their boats. Many have posted videos. See below.




Weight 125 lbs.
Centerline Length 12'
Beam 4' 8"
Depth -
Transom Width -
Transom Height -
Persons 4
Max. Capacity 900 lbs.
Max. Horsepower -
Hull Thickness ABS Armorclad
Sail Type Sloop Rigged
Main Sail Area 80 sq. ft.
Jib Sail Area 20 sq. ft.
2-piece mast 12-ft 8.5-ft

Max. Motor Power - 5 HP or any size electric  trolling motor.  We recommend against gas motors because gas spills could damage the hull if not wiped off right away.

Terms:  Not returnable.    Defects covered by  manufacturer's warranty. Delivery dates are estimates only. Inspect before accepting delivery and refuse a damaged boat.

 Note:  Snark has eliminated the dagger board plug in current design, though it is still listed in instructions. 


This owner video gets better and better as it continues, so don't jump ship early!  (click arrow in center of image).


 Cart:  Lightweight folding hand trailer for your Snark Sailboat- Click here

Roof Racks Click Here  See carrier bar with telescoping extension to make it much easier getting your Snark on and off the car roof without damage to you, it or your car.

Here's another - sailing with just the main sail (jib not being used):



Trailer for Canoe, Kayak or Small Boat - FREEShipping!

Model SUT-250-S is best for Sunchasers


Owner video 3:



Owner video 4


For other models click each name:

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