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ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT SNARK PARTS:  We sell all parts for  Super Snark, Sunflower, Sea Skimmer, (aka Sea Devil), Sun Chaser I and Sun Chaser II.   If you cannot find it below, try this other page and/or email or call 1-978-263-7598 (we are on East Coast time).  For some parts we have a better-than-original option for you to consider (see links immediately below, left side).  

BETTER THAN ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT SNARK PARTS:  For certain parts, we have our own versions with enhanced features.

SNARK SAILS:   Click Here

Featured Items


  (Click on the names)

Deck: Splash Deck for Super Snark or Sea Snark

Mast: Adjustable height mast

Extension: Mast extension

Dagger Board: Better Dagger Board 

Rudder Blade: Bigger and Better Rudder Blade

Rudder:  Complete Better Rudder

Spar set:  Boom and Top Spar Set - Stronger - And it Folds!

Sail rig:  mast, sail & spars for Super Snark 

Sail rig:  mast, sail & spars for Sunflower 3.3

Boom Guide:  Swiveling Boom Guide Assembly

Pin: Better Rudder Pin

Sails: Dacron Premium-Quality Sails

(Click on the names)

Stabilizer pontoons on outrigger arms

Rowing rig

Sail/mast/spar Bag - Great for Car-Topping!

Boat Cover

Universal roof rack,

Portage cart,


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