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Sail Kit on the Saturn Pro Angler Inflatable Kayak With Metal Bench Seats

High Seating Position Like a Canoe

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Sail kit folds to a compact package no bigger than a set of golf clubs.  Fly with it in checked baggage.  Haul it in trunk of small car.  Store it in the back of a closet or under a bed.   Kayak deflates to another compact bag.  It's a real sailboat in 2 bags!  Click on arrow at center of screen above to launch video.  Alternate video link click here.


299 Saturn 13 ft. Pro Angler Kayak with Sail Kit and Bench Seats
Click for larger imageSail while sitting upright on bench seats like a canoe, or remove the bench seats and sit low as in other kayaks. This kayak is stable and sturdy. Choose from any of our nylon sail designs at This price includes kayak, bench seats, hand pump, repair kit, boat bag, sail kit with 45 SF sail and standard duty mast, leeboards, 2 steering oars and steering oar unit. Extras to consider include item 5011 upgrade to larger sail and mast, sail kit bag (6005, 3012 or 3031), stabilizer pontoons (1013 or 1006) etc. Enough room for 2 kids and 2 adults. Link: Options Page 

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6022 Inflatable Kayak Sail kit only (fits Saturn, Sea Eagle, Some other kayaks).  U-shaped front assembly leaves cockpit open!
Click for larger imageComplete sail kit, like the 2021 but with a U-shaped front assembly instead of the T-shaped one in the 2021 rig. This is a better fit for the Sea Eagle Fast Track, Saturn 12' & 13', Advanced Elements Convertible and Strait Edge (tandems or singles), and Pathfinder II. Video: Click Here. Stabilizer pontoons optional (Hydrodynamic stabilizers for most speed, item 1006; inflatable for most portability, item 1013; foam for least cost item 1002). Advantages of this rig are (1) best fit for listed kayaks, (2) leaves cockpit completely unobtructed and only front 3 feet (approx) of side tubes have a metal piece on them. Great for easy entry and exit, paddling, and sitting up on side tube hiking out. MORE INFO & PICS CLICK HERE. Standard mast and 45 SF nylon sail. Can be upgraded to heavy duty mast, larger sail by adding item 5011. Item 6005, 3031 or 3012 carry bag recommended. 2 steering oars included. Also fits the Saturn Expedition kayaks very nicely. Shipping dimensions: 47 x 9 x 11 inches.   Options and Upgrades

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Chose your sail when you order.   Pirate sail like above, plain white, or many different colorful options.  (Click)

Bimini top optional.  Not compatible with sail kit.

Comfortable bench seating.

Fast and maneuverable.   Leeboards included, act like centerboard to enable you to tack upwind.

Relax and sit on floor if you want.  Bench seats can serve as back support or footrests...or remove them and have open cockpit.  Sail kit does not require bench seats.

Sail kit does not take away any space.  And it just straps on for quick setup. No modification of kayak is required.

With 13 feet of length and 700-lb rated capacity, it really can be more than a 2-person boat.

Front person can sit backwards for socializing with the captain.

  Options and Upgrades (click here)
 Optional folding boat chairs can be mounted on top of aluminum benches.
Double layer of PVC fabric on a floor and top of boat tubes in between benches area.  Bench Seats Can Be Removed.



FK396 (Saturn designation)

299 (SailboatsToGo designation)

Overall Length 13'
Overall Width 3'
Interior Width 14"
Tube Diameter 12"
Air Chambers 3
Floor Type High-Pressure Air Deck
Weight 43 lbs (kayak) 35 lbs (sail kit)
Shipping Size 45 x 24 x 13" (kayak); 47 x 11 x 9 (sail kit)
Persons Capacity 2 adults 2 small kids
Weight Capacity 700 lbs
Color green with black (kayak); Many choices for sail colors.
Sail size 45 SF standard.  55 SF optional (use item 5011 to upgrade).  Larger sail = more speed in weak and moderate winds.

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